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No tricks just treats with these anti-aging products

October 24, 2013 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

There are no tricks, only treats with these skincare superfoods. Feeding your face has never been so delicious with this roundup of Halloween inspired beauty products based effective anti-aging ingredients that are good enough to eat.


Its good to know that healthy can be decadent. Chocolate is a powerful antioxidant – its dietary have the ability to counteract the free radicals generated by exposure to UV rays.  A trial with women cocoa drinkers found that after 12 weeks, their skin was 16% denser, 30% less rough, and 42% less scaly.

Where to find beauty-giving chocolate

Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask ($60) is so densely and divinely chocolatey that you will want to eat it. If you can resist this urge, spread it over the face, leave for 15 minutes and rinse to reveal polished skin. As well as cocoa powder, there’s witch hazel, almond and grape seed oils, plus the free radical scavenger CoQ10. Read the review of Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask 

Medik8 Hydr8 Day XD Youth Activating Moisturiser ($80) is richly based on cocoa seed butter that leaves the skin dewy, not oily. Our chocolately active is given high-powered anti-aging back up with Medik8’s signature epidermal growth factor, vitamin C and ectoin, a natural moisture binder that also protects the skin from the effects of UVA-induced cell damage. Read the full review of Medik8 Hydr8 Day XD.

Sweetsation I*Light Organic Advanced Brightening & Line Smoothing Eye Treatment ($27). Sweetsation is big on cocoa butter and you’ll find it in most of the products in the line. This eye cream has tons of natural extracts including tamanu oil, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry and far too many more to call out. More successful on fine lines than dark circles, Sweetsation nonetheless ensures an excellent quality to price ratio. Read the review of Sweetsation I*Light Eye Treatement

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek. RMS by celebrity makeup artist Rose Marie Swift is natural makeup that is totally professional. Lip2Cheek is a cocoa butter infused multitasker that provides a subtle pick-me-up as well as a bit of drama. Read the review of RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek


If holiday brings to mind candy canes, then its just a skip and a jump to AHAs. Beauty’s secret weapon is (alpha hydroxy acids) and sugarcane is the source. Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) naturally found in sugar cane. This is an exfoliator par excellence that removes skin that is dry, coarse, or dead to reveal a glowing complexion.

Where to find beauty-giving sugar cane

M.A.D Skincare's Youth Transformation Exfoliating Serum 10% AHA ($62) lists glycolic acid and sugarcane. Our tester raved that M.A.D’s exfoliating serum does what it says on the can, so expect smoother, firmer, tighter skin. And no irritation. Sodium hyaluronate and a fistful of amino acids round out the formula. Read the review of M.A.D Skincare’s Youth Transformation Exfoliating Serum 10% AHA

Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Serum ($150). Satisfy more than a sweet tooth with Michael Todd’s sugar cane infused serum that has been called out as “amazing” and a “genius gem”. Supercharged with top tier ingredients such as Epidermal Growth Factorpeptides, Matrixyl 3000 TM, DMAE, and snail secretion filtrate, which is not at all gross but a booster of collagen. Read the review of Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Serum

Biophotonic Skincare’s Ultra Elastin Sculpting Firming Cream Complex ($195). The key ingredients are a very solid list of vitamins, natural oils, herbs, extracts, and butters, antioxidants and glycolic acid is the third ingredient with back up from phytic acid. This is a cream that is a deeply hydrating moisturizer, antioxidant serum and skin brightener in one. Read the review of BRAD Biophotonic Skincare’s Ultra Elastin Sculpting Firming Cream Complex


Pumpkin has carved out a role in skincare and with good reason. Pumpkins are full of beta-carotene, one of the plant carotenoids that is converted to vitamin A in the body. Pumpkin is also a good source of thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, pantothenic acid, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol), riboflavin, potassium, copper and manganese. And there’s instant gratification because its enzymes will break down the outer layers of skin, working as a natural exfoliant.

Where to find ant-aging pumpkin

Arcona Pumpkin Lotion 10% ($35). It’s easy to get carried away by the 10% glycolic acid in this extremely effective exfoliating body lotion. But as the moniker suggests, pumpkin has center stage. Those exfoliating enzymes are in the form of lactobacillus/pumpkin ferment extract (enzymes) and there’s pumpkin seed oil to provide all those nutrients. This is an amazing once a week body brightener. Read the full review of Arcona Pumpkin Lotion 10%

PureCeuticals Multi-Enzyme Pumpkin Peel ($40). The “multi-enzyme” part refers to fruit enzymes from pumpkin, pineapple as well as papaya. It is in fact a peel, combining enzymes with alpha-beta hydroxy acids. There’s also willow bark, asafetida extract and antioxidant green tea and carrot. Expect a tingling that is the precursor to energized skin from a peel/mask that is professional strength. Read the review of Pureceuticals Multi-Enzyme Pumpkin Peel

Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask ($34). This mask looks and smells like mashed pumpkin. And to be consistent with our Halloween candy theme, there is also sugar can extract. Skin lightening bilberry, a source of arbutin, is here and there’s vitamin C and enough spice powders – ginger, nutmeg and allspice - to make you salivate for holiday cookies and mulled wine. Read the review of Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask

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