by Linda of

I tried the popular Nu Skin Galvanic Spa last summer and, quite frankly, was surprised at the instant results. The system was effective at essentially lifting the little folds around my nose and smoothing lines around my eyes and forehead. So, when I was invited to try the new version of the hand-held device ($339.59 in the TIA shop) and to sample their latest product, a serum derived from soy technology, my curiosity was piqued.

I bought the Nu Skin Serum in May. It cost $157 for 1 fluid ounce. With shipping, it came to $178. Ouch! This is way more than I typically spend for skin care products. Suffice to say, my expectations were high.

I used it, as directed, morning and night. And, I cut out all my other skin care products, using just the serum for 45 days.  After about a month, I started to notice a difference. The fine lines around my eyes seemed a bit smoother and smaller and, all in all, the texture of my skin seemed to improve.  The pores appeared smaller and the color or tone of my skin evened out.  In fact, taking a look at my face after 45 days of use, there's not even a hint of blotchiness.  Before, on occasion, my skin would get red or ruddy areas on my cheeks and sometimes my chin.  The bottle is almost empty, so I'd say, at the most, this single fluid ounce will last 2 months. Bottom line: the serum is pricey, but if you can afford it, I believe it's a great product, and a cut above most others in that price range.

At, you can see a video of Linda's how to have a Nu Skin treatment.