After seven years of research, Peter Kerr launched Nurture My body in 2006. Kerr decided to start the company because of personal experience with being overexposed to chemicals. Peter Kerr is a follower of the Ramatha School of Enlightenment and claims that it inspired her products. Nurture My Body measures products by weight, not volume, and fills each bottle with product by hand.

The Good:

According to the Nurture My Body blog, the company features 105 ingredients throughout its 51 products, and only 7 of the ingredients are derived (though naturally). The company’s eye cream features purified water, vegetable emulsifying wax NF, shea butter (a dermal conditioner), lavender flowers and sunflower oil. The Moisturizing Shampoo’s ingredients include seaweed extract, chickweed infusion, nettles and horsetail infusion, all of which are certified organic. The Baby Bar Soap has palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil, which are the only 3 ingredients in the product and are all certified organic.

The Bad:

One reader that enjoyed the Nurture My Body Eye Cream, wasn’t crazy about the Reparative Serum because of its watery texture and its tendency to give her acne. And, in a post that was “difficult to write,” Pascal applauded Patty Kerr for her efforts in creating a natural Shave Crème, but had to criticize the product’s lack of functionality.

The only other potential fault that I can see with the line is its use of the controversial palm oil (for example, in the Baby Bar Soap).

TIA’s Take:

Nurture My Body is a small company that seems to be staying true to its core values. There are no giant retailers involved and no corporate influences that might destroy the natural, green principles that make Nurture My Body such a great brand.

All of the ingredients are listed for each product, as is an ingredients glossary. In addition, the company’s products are 100% biodegradable, cruelty-free, and do not incorporate synthetic fragrance oils, preservatives, petroleum, FD&C colorants, parabens or phthalates in their formulas.

Better yet, The Environmental Working Group has scored 4 Nurture My Body products as a 1 on their scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the most dangerous level of toxicity) and 47 products as a 0. Very impressive.

In general, the company’s products have been extremely well received here at TIA. The Nurture My Body Exfoliator and Cleansers, Shampoo and Conditioner, Ginger Hand and Body Lotion, Sample Collection (Shampoo, Conditioner, and Citrus Body Wash), Floral Hand and Body Lotion, and Skin Care Oily Skin Sample Set (Cleansing Milk, Floral Toner, Acne Serum and Gentle Face Cream) have all obtained glowing reviews.

Overall, Nurture My Body is an excellent provider of natural, healthy products that work.