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Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack Review

Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack

Our Rating: 3 stars


Closed pores, brightened and evened-out skin


Didn't reduce acne breakouts
December 14, 2013 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
A well-priced, gentle acne regimen worth a try for those with mild breakouts

I’ve been battling acne breakouts for the better part of my 47-year-old adult life, so what did I have to lose by testing the effectiveness of Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack ($29.95)? While I try to retain a measure of hopefulness and lean heavily on the good news that my sensitive, oily-to-combination skin has far fewer wrinkles than many of my peers, still, middle-aged, peri-menopausal pimples are just not cute.

There’s a lot to like about Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack. The packaging is by no means fancy or spa-like, which is just fine by me. I prefer skincare products that look like they mean business, especially when it comes to the matter of acne. And the ingredient list of all three items in the Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack: Nutra-Lift CS28  (1 oz), Nutra-Lift Deep Cleanse (2 oz) and Nutra-Lift Clarifying Toner (1 oz) looks quite impressive.

The results as I experienced them, though, proved a bit more mixed than I had hoped. First, it must be said that each acne sufferer -- especially those plagued by adult acne among us -- responds differently to acne treatments. My acne isn't awful, but it has been dogged and persistent. About a decade ago, I underwent not one, but two rounds of Accutane treatments. While the treatments worked for a while to keep my skin sans breakouts, the results did not last more than a few years (and I try not to think about any other, potentially unwanted, effects that DID last). I have not undergone testing on my hormone levels, but I assume that they are playing more than a small part in my problem.

But let's talk about my trial. A little went a long way with both the Deep Cleanse and the CS28 spot treatment. I found all the Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack products pleasant, from the smell (slightly earthy) to the consistency. Unfortunately, though, one ounce of toner gets used a lot faster than the cleanser and spot treatment. I finished the toner--which I found quite refreshing--about halfway through my trial, not surprising given that far more toner soaks into a cotton ball than the few drops I used of the other two products each day.

I used all the products twice daily, which seemed just right for my skin. What I really appreciated about the trio is that each product left my skin soft, clean and refreshed without any drying at all. This is the first time I can say that about any other acne treatment I've used. In terms of results, I was pleased to see my pores nice and closed, my skin tone bright and more even.

But for as much as I liked using the Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack, I can't actually say it reduced my acne breakouts. It didn't seem to heal them much faster than any other treatment I've ever used, and didn't reduce the frequency of breakouts either. 

About those ingredients. It's nice to see aloe as the first ingredient for the cleanser and C328 spot treatment and explains their nourishing properties. The toner is high in antioxidant witch hazel, which my sensitive skin does not find irritating, in line with Marta's findings on the matter. But otherwise, though the ingredients Nutra-Lift uses may not be harmful, it seems most are unproven as being truly beneficial for acne. Silver citrate and colloidal silver has reported antibacterial effects and possibly, though inconclusively, aids acne. Tamanu oil, too, has been touted by some as the Next Best Thing in acne treatments, a topic Marta addressed here.

I give Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack thumbs up, with reservations. My feeling is that this sample-sized product is very reasonably-priced with good, nourishing ingredient worth a try as a acne regimen for someone of any skin type suffering from mild breakouts. Given the mysterious way acne works from person to person, it might be more effective for others than it was for me.

Ingredients in Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack - Nutra-Lift Deep Cleanse: Certified organic aloe vera* gel, cocamide betaine, potassium coconate, wheat germate, sodium coco-sulfate, anti-oxidant complex 14 (rosemary*, rose hips*, regano*, sage*, olive leaf*, green tea*) HEC, vegetable glycerin, ascorbly glucosamine (vitamin C), vegetable sodium pca, hyaluronic acid, xantium gum, grapefruit seed extract, natural mixed tocopheryls (vitamin E), coltsfoot extract, calcium pantothenate, birch sap extract, horsetail* extract, nettle* extract, red clover* extract, sage* extract, peppermint* extract, orange flower* extract, yarrow* extract, inositol, colloidal sulphur, rosemary* extract, witch hazel, wheat germ extract, retinyl palmiitate (vitamin A), niaciamide, thiamine, hcl, collodial minerals


Ingredients in Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack - Nutra-Lift C328: Organic aloe vera*, xantum gum, potassium cetyl phosphate, cetyl esters, Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Lipidure,vegetable sodium pca, ascrobly palmitate natural mixed tocopherals (Vitamin E), silver citrate, coriander*, tamanu*, witch hazel*, basil*extract, thyme*extract, DMAE, golden seal*extract, zinc, allantoin from comfrey, tea tree oil, D-Calcium Pantothenate, licorice*, Pantothenic Acid Natural Vitamin B5, black walnut extract, burbock*extract, red clover*extract, sulphur, colloidal silver, cinnamon bark extract, lavendar*extract

* CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Allergy Information: contains tamanu nut product

Ingredients in Nutra-Lift Blemish Defense Trio Pack - Nutra-Lift Clarifying Toner: Oxygenated spring water, witch hazel, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A ), ascorbyl palmitate, (Vitamin C Ester) Co Q10, pycogenol, grape seed extract, DMAE alpha lipoic acid, ginger, cucumber extract, colloidal silver, trace colloidal minerals


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