The Herbal NonSoap cleanser ($24 for 8oz), which is now an aloe-based gel, has rapidly become my favorite cleanser as it not only cleanses gently and effectively, but also delivers some great antioxidants to my skin right at the get go of my daily regimen. If you look at the comments on my review of Nutra-Lift NonSoap, you’ll see that the TIA community likes it too.

Nutra-Lift launched Lash Reneu, its eyelash growth product, this year and although I am planning to test it, I have not so far. It doesn’t have a prostaglandin. It doesn’t even have a nasty preservative. The actives are peptides and B vitamins. We haven’t yet been disappointed by Nutra-Lift. And I wanted to give my readers the opportunity to try it. It is selling for $49. If anyone has or does try it, please comment – for better or worse. I’ll be reviewing it in March.

I only recently started using Nutra-Lift One Step Body Scrub ($18), which is more of a shower gel that scrubs and it has already become a favorite. Nutra-Lift claims that it delivers up to 100 times more moisture than your average shower gel. I have made it a key part of my regime to battle dry winter legs.