Nutra-Lift Glycolic Plus Non Soap Cleanser 4 oz

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on January 13, 2014


I have to confess, I wasn’t jumping up and down with enthusiasm when I was asked to test Nutra-Lift Glycolic Plus Non Soap Cleanser ($20) – I have sensitive skin and the deep mid-winter is taking its toll without the potentially drying effects of a glycolic cleanser. But after using Nutra-Lift’s cleanser for a couple of weeks, I was doing a happy dance. 

Nutra-Lift Glycolic Plus Non Soap Cleanser has 10% glycolic, but is surprisingly gentle. Do not think ineffective, though. I would go so far as say that this cleanser is an essential step in a regimen to even out skin tone (which happens to be the kick I am on right now). Even after the first rinse, my skin looked clearer and I believe it helps shrink open pores. But after two or three weeks, I really felt I was seeing the benefits of better skin tone overall.

In what is a relatively simple formula for Nutra-Lift, glycolic is clearly the star of Glycolic Plus Non Soap Cleanser’s show. It is worth giving a call out to the other ingredients though. They are mostly oils, but I must stress that this does not look or feel like an oil cleanser and so I take these ingredients for their antioxidant value.

These featured oils include rose hip (resplendent with fatty acids), antioxidant chamomile and soothing calendula. Grapefruit and citrus provide a light, zesty fragrance. 

If you are wondering about the “non soap” in Nutra Lift Glycolic Plus Non Soap Cleanser, that is the sodium olivate, which is olive oil saponified (made into soap) by mixing it with sodium hydroxide and water. The sodium hydroxide is supposedly used up in the process, leaving only the soap.

Nutra-Lift Glycolic Plus Non Soap Cleanser is one of several products in the Nutra-Lift range, such as Nutra-Lift Simply Super Goat Milk Shampoo, that has recently been reformulated and another good reason to get reacquainted with this brand. 

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