nutra-lift glycolic plus nonsoap cleanser

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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on May 21, 2014

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by Cindy

I have been testing Nutra-Lift Glycolic Plus Non Soap Cleanser ($20) on my slightly dry, 55-year-old skin. Imagine my pleasure when I was asked to test and review the product after having just read Marta’s favorable article and discovering that Truth In Aging recommended the cleanser as part of a streamlined facial care regimen.

Nutra-Lift cleanser is a water-soluble gel with 10% glycolic acid. I used it once daily at first, massaging the cleanser onto wet skin with my fingertips and then gently removing residue with a warm, wet facecloth. My best results were obtained with nightly usage after first removing eye make-up with an emollient product. When I tried to step up usage to twice a day, I found that my skin was a little too “tight,” so I used another cleanser in the morning.

Nutra-Lift cleanser has a fairly short list of ingredients. The product line is known for favoring more natural options and forgoing animal testing. The cleanser contains rose hip seed oil (reported to be good for aging skin) and several flower and fruit “extracts” including grapefruit, calendula, and chamomile.

My last review (on a body wash) stated that the product was too scented for my taste. No problem with that this time. I did not notice any particular scent, though others describe it as light and fresh.

I like this product and would recommend it to others for a non-irritating glycolic acid cleanser. The $20 bottle lasts a long time, with a drop or two enough for one usage. Really!

Oh, wear your sunscreen. Glycolic acid can make the skin more sensitive to sun and increase the risk of sunburn.