Nutra-Lift has reformulated its Herbal Nonsoap cleanser ($24 for 8oz) as an aloe-based gel. As I never got to try the old version, I can’t offer a comparison. However, I can say that I like this cleanser a lot as it not only cleanses gently and effectively, but also delivers some great antioxidants to my skin right at the get go of my daily regimen.

Nutra-Lift recommends rubbing Herbal Nonsoap onto dry skin and leaving it for 30 seconds before rinsing. I tend to leave it on for a minimum of two minutes whilst I clean my teeth and tidy the bathroom, hoping to get the maximum benefit from the antioxidant complex that includes organic botanicals such as rose hips, olive leaf and green tea.

There are a couple of vitamin Bs, vitamin A, E and C. Red clover also contains the antioxidant tocopherol, which is a form of vitamin E. Research from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) confirms that red clover extract contains four anti-tumor compounds.

The non-soap soapy stuff is provided by potassium coconate (saponified coconut oil), sodium coco sulfate and wheat germate.

The only thing to note is that although ethoxydiglycol, a solvent, is considered to have a very low order of toxicity, it ultimately contains ether, and therefore can be linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, allergic reactions and endocrine disruptions.

I have no idea why colloidal sulphur is included (unless as an antibacterial), but I did read somewhere that low concentrations protect against radiation. So pack this cleanser next time you travel in the vicinity of Chernobyl.


Certified organic aloe vera* gel, cocamide betaine,
potassium coconate, wheat germate, sodium coco-sulfate,
anti-oxidant complex 14 (rosemary*, rose hips*, oregano*, sage*,
olive leaf*, green tea*) HEC, vegetable glycerin, ascorbyl glucosamine
(vitamin C), vegetable sodium pca, hyaluronic acid, xantium gum,
grapefruit seed extract, natural mixed tocopheryls (vitamin E),
ethoxydiglycol, coltsfoot extract, calcium pantothenate, birch sap
extract, horsetail* extract, nettle* extract, red clover*, extract, sage*
extract, peppermint* extract, orange flower* extract, yarrow* extract,
inositol, colloidal sulphur, rosemary* extract, witch hazel, wheat germ
extract, retinyl palmiitate (vitamin A), niaciamide, thiamine, hcl,
collodial minerals *Certified Organically Grown Ingredient