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Nutra-Lift Mango Peel- reviewed and recommended

Is a Solution for:
Dull Skin, Oily Skin
August 3, 2010 Reviewed by Mark 0 Comments
As skin care routines vary from person to person, a common denominator for most should probably include some sort of exfoliation, especially if you are in your 30’s and beyond.  The process of skin cell turnover slows down as we age, resulting in a build-up of dead skin cells and dull, lackluster skin and for some, breakouts.  Uncovering a fresher and brighter skin is just one of the potential benefits from exfoliation.  It can also allow better absorption of the active ingredients in products so they are more effective.  Heads up to those who struggle with blemishes – you should also know that exfoliation of facial skin can help unclog pores by keeping dead skin cells from blocking the pore opening so sebum (oil) can flow more normally, helping to reduce blemishes and blackheads.

While some are savvy enough to whip up their own exfoliating masks from enzyme rich fruits, others reach for the bottled versions, as I have been doing the past few weeks with Nutra-Lift’s Mango Peel ($24).  Mango, papaya and pineapple provide the enzymes that give this peel its punch, and they also contain antioxidants. Organic honey lends antiseptic and hydrating properties, while extracts of burdock, chamomile, marigold, red clover and aloe vera offer healing and soothing properties.

Easy to use, the directions are to wash face with a non-soap, non-oil cleanser and apply a generous amount to damp face and neck, avoiding the eye and sensitive areas. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then remove with warm water and a washcloth. Here, you will want to pay particular attention and adjust the time to suit your skin.  After application I did feel a slight tingling sensation and checked in the mirror after 10 minutes to see a very pink face.  I cleansed as directed and the pink subsided after about an hour and left me with soft and supple skin.  Although not harsh, I would recommend using it at night, begin with leaving it on for a few minutes and then working upwards with subsequent treatments, until you are sure how your unique skin tolerates it.  Directions also recommend a small patch test if you do have sensitive skin.  Also, be careful of sun exposure afterward, as your fresh skin will be more sensitive.

Although not dramatic, the Mango Peel did a nice job of a light exfoliation without undue irritation and is a great complement to a good skin care routine.  I had no breakouts to begin with and didn’t experience any while using this and I feel it has enhanced my skin by keeping pores clear and keeping it soft and smooth.  This is gender friendly, as men and women alike can benefit from regular use of an exfoliating product.  While there is no added fragrance noted in the ingredient list, I found it to have a pleasant, light fragrance derived from the fruits.  Although I didn’t skimp when applying the product, the 4 oz squeeze bottle is lasting a long time, and priced at $24 is a budget friendly choice that I would recommend.


Deoinized water, infusion of certified organic honey, aloe vera, pure mango, pure papaya, pure pineapple, bromelain, sea algae, plant derived isopropyl myristate, corn starch, plant cellulose, plant derived glyceryl monostearate, vegetable glycerin, DMAE, natural mixed tocopherols (vit. E.), vegetable sodium pca, fruit-flower complex 12,  allantoin, extracts of burdock,  chamomile, marigold, red clover,  red vine, sorbic acid.

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