A new year, a new you?  Whether it’s your resolution to enhance your skin care in the new year, or you are already ensconced in a satisfactory routine, you just might want to consider trying something new.

For the past few weeks I have using the Nutra-Lift Night Repair Fluid.  Several of the Nutra-Lift products have been reviewed and recommended previously here on TIA, and this is no exception.  Nutra-Lift bases their products on natural and organic ingredients.  The Night Repair Fluid has combined antioxidants with 70% organic ingredients and is conveniently packaged in a translucent glass pump dispenser.  (Their products are also cruelty free.)

I found this to be a light fluid that quickly absorbed, leaving my skin matte, without stickiness or residue. (A little bit goes a long way.)  It is designed to nourish, repair and exfoliate the skin all at the same time and without irritation.  This is quite a lofty goal, since most all of the exfoliating products I have used left my skin either red, flaking, dried out and irritated or all of the above.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Nutra-Lift Fluid did none of this.  I applied each night after cleansing with Cetaphil (instructions are to apply nightly after using a non-drying cleanser) and after only a few nights what I did find was my skin appeared fresher, moisturized, and felt a bit firmer.  Although my skin tone can vary from washed out to sometimes ruddy, I saw an improvement with an even, healthy pink color.  During this time I also did not experience any break outs and my skin wasn’t quite as oily as usual.

Other than cleanser, this is the only product I used during this period and I can confidently say that it has improved my skin.  Not to be overlooked, this is also very reasonably priced and the bottle lasts for weeks, so I found only positives and highly recommend this product.


Infusion of certified organic aloe, royal jelly, L- carnitine, soy extract, sea weed, xanthum gum, marine collagen, marine elastin, ascorbly palmitate (vitamin c ester), lipadure, hyaluronic acid, oat amino acids, white tea extract,lecithin, cetyl phosphate, olive leaf, DMAE,a-Lipoic Acid, natural mixed Tocopherols ( vitamin e) , grape seed, CoQ10, pycogenal, ginger root, bilberry, milk thistle, sage, rose hips, olive leaf, cucumber, carrot ,apple, mulberry, jasmine, lavender, hops,allantoin, retinyl palmitate, l-tyrosine, active copper , zinc sulfate, melon extract.