Reviewed by Barrie

I received a proposal of marriage today. Unfortunately it was not from a prince, but from an unremarkable stranger in the street.  As I am just north of 50, I figured this was a good time to reflect on the last 4 weeks of testing Nutra-Lift One Step ($44).

When my mystery package arrived from TIA, I was wowed! Anything that promises to “exfoliate, moisturize, firm, nourish and revitalize” while delivering “better results than laser” looks like a time-saving winner to me. The first thing I did was to squint at the miniscule print of the ingredients list (there should be a minimum size requirement for ingredients labels).  One Step is a high vitamin C content cocktail of more active ingredients than I have ever seen together in one product.  I have had good results with Vitamin C serums before – I have fair freckly skin -- so I was anxious to start.

I usually stop reading the ingredients list when I detect the usual fillers, especially silicones, but there are none to be found here. Instead it looks like you could eat One Step. It is chock full of antioxidants, herbs, fruits, vitamins, and goodies like elastin, collagen, COQ-10, and hyaluronic acid. SPF 15 sun protection is provided by titanium dioxide, parsol mex and benzophenone-3. Of note is that the oxybenzones are a high hazard in the Skin Deep database.   However, the many antioxidant ingredients also provide a type of protection that is not measured by SPF.

The feel on the skin is not moisturizing at all. It is dry and matte.  A sensory experience it ain’t! The scent can only be described as funky. The color is a distinctly unlovely mustard brown which I must be careful to rub in completely.  And the texture is not a slippery feel-good serum nor a light fluffy cream.  Still, I don’t care about these things if a product is going to work.

The central heating is on, and the air is very dry. Three days into the test, my skin feels on the dry and tight side.  One week in, and I give up trying to use One Step by itself. My skin feels just too dry, probably due to the Vitamin C.  I switch from a light dusting of mineral powder, to foundation, then to tinted moisturizer, and it feels much better. Likewise, at night I put another moisturizer over One Step, and I am much more comfortable. I don’t like the idea of using SPF products at night, but the instructions say to apply twice a day for 24 hour performance.

Has One Step delivered?  I must preface my comments by saying my skin is already in really good shape.  I get compliments on my skin all the time.  I can’t honestly say I have seen much difference. I still have little crinkles under my eyes when I smile that hopefully will stay at the “crinkle not wrinkle” stage for a long time.  My skin is firm, clear and even toned, as it was a month ago. I think that One-Step is a long term kind of product.  You can’t ignore how healthy that ingredients list looks! But this is a difficult thing to judge in just one month’s use.

And the product junkie in me will move on. But -- I did receive that marriage proposal…