"OMG", I said. Out loud, although I was alone in my bathroom. I think I said it twice. What provoked this outburst was an extraordinary eruption of the smell of chocolate. The source was Nutra-Lift's White Chocolate Body Butter ($24 in the TIA shop), a rich yet non-greasy, antiaging body cream. The chocolate smell, by the way, does not linger in an overpowering way so don't be concerned that you'll followed by flies or stalked by chocaholics for the rest of the day.

As with all of the Nutra-Lift products that I have tried so far (shampoo, conditioner and the proven-to-work Rejuvenating A Therapy Serum that is was one of our Five Best with Matrixyl), Body Butter's ingredients are as well chosen as something at thrice the price, organic where possible (I love that the label fesses up to being 80% organic) and there is nothing not to like. The only thing that I do find a bit iffy is that near the end of the ingredients list there are vague references to complexes of fruit flower, antiaging and herbal.

Nonethless, they are preceded by much tangible goodness. The base is anti-inflammatory aloe vera and antioxidant seaweed and vitamin C are next in line. There is more, of course, to chocolate than an indulgence. High in flavanoids, chocolate is a natural sunscreen and antioxidant. Although the label says there is "giarana", I think it is meant to be guarana. This is a kind of turbo-charged coffee bean that is made into a popular, energy giving drink in Brazil. It is an antioxidant and antibacterial that, by the way, crops up in Ojon products.

Chock full of vitamins and omegas, this is a potent antiager that joins pride of place with Osmotics Body Silk as a favorite potion for taking aging from chin to toe seriously.


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