I was really excited to read in Mark's post, One Guy's Routine, that he had found a low cost alternative to the Clarisonic Brush. As a proud owner and devoted user of Clarisonic I was very eager to see how the Nutra Sonic Face Brush System would compare. I ordered one immediately on Amazon.com for just over $100 - a significant saving against Clarisonic's $189. Now for a side by side test!

My first impressions were good. Perhaps because I had mentally prepared myself for something similar to Pretika's rather pathetic knock off version of the Clarisonic, I imagined flimsy plastic and hard to assemble brush heads. Au contraire, the Nutra Sonic Face Brush System looks and feels as robust as the Clarisonic and works on the same principal. It oscillates 400 times per second (for what it's worth that is a bit more than Clarisonic's 300 oscillations per second), has four speed settings, two face brushes (regular and sensitive) and a body brush.

But what would it be like against the skin? I found that it feels very different to Clarisonic. Nutra Sonic isn't rougher exactly but it feels firmer against the skin. I tend to hold the Clarisonic fairly firmly against my skin, whereas with Nutra Sonic I was consciously trying to glide across the surface. Even maintaining a lighter touch, the Nutra Sonic did a much better job than Clarisonic at shifting visible flakes of skin. I also liked the Nutra Sonic's feel against my body. This is where the firmer touch of this brush felt that it was really getting down to business.

I expect that I will reserve the Nutra Sonic for body, in the shower and for days when I feel that my face needs a good going over. Otherwise, my sensitive and rosacea-prone face seems to prefer the gentler Clarisonic. Since most people are going to have to choose between them, I'd say that Nutra Sonic is great value and will prove to be a good buy. For those with very sensitive skin, it will be worth forking out the extra for Clarisonic.

See my video comparing the Clarisonic and Nutra Sonic