Collagen pills have been on the market for years as a way to get a good dose of collagen in an easy to take form, but there are those who aren’t fans of pills and prefer to take their collagen in a more natural form. Our bodies production of collagen declines as time moves on, which is why we aren’t exactly dealing with tight skin and high flexibility when we get older. There are different types of collagen that can be found in places like your bones, eyes, and even in your lungs. With collagen being so versatile, it’s no wonder the following manufacturers took to adding it in these odd forms.

Powder: There are multiple brands that offer collagen drink mixes, but Dr. Venessa’s Anti-Aging 3 is the most expensive, coming in at $56.34 for 1.6lbs of the stuff. You’ll also get the most collagen compared to the other two listed with 3600 mg of “Pure Collagen Type I, II, III.” The product comes in mixed berry and tropical flavors.

Coffee: NESCafe seems to be huge all around the world except for here in the states, which is too bad because I actually like their products. One I haven’t yet tried is NESCafe: Body Partner 3 in 1 Collagen. That’s a big name for the brand but you’ll only be getting a very minuscule 200mg per 20g serving. Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on the breakdown of the types of collagen included in this coffee mix. Doing a quick Google search for "Collagen Coffee" will yield you a couple more brands that have added collagen to their brews, all seem to be from around the world which has me wondering-  why don't we have collagen coffee in the states?

Water: Collagen in water isn’t as odd as the placenta water we featured, but it’s still a weird mix. The new trend in water has been adding electrolytes and/or vitamins but POKKA took it a step further with 550mg of marine-derived collagen peptides. The company boasts no preservatives and no artificial coloring and says “With its deliciously refreshing and juicy grape taste, it is the complete choice for consumers who are looking for a thirst quencher that lifts up their mood while also helping to lift up their skin.” Plus it’s grape flavored, no word if there’s any resveratrol from the grapes but I’m willing to bet against that. This isn't the first time collagen water has been spotted, Toki stirred up some buzz three years ago.

Marshmallow: Now before you get excited, this brand got discontinued. Collagen marshmallows were produced about two years back by a company called Eat Yourself Beautiful, you might remember them from Sarah's post on bizarre beauty trends.  The marshmallows, which were manufactured by a company in Japan, contain 3000mgs of collagen peptides (per bag) and were running for about $15 for a bag. The website has since shut down but the marshmallows seem to still be available in Japan from online retailers, and if you take a look at the packaging- it seems like the same company is manufacturing it.

I’m not certain how many clinical studies, or if any for that matter, these products have gone through. It seems like you can stick the word collagen on anything, package, it, and you’ll find a buyer. It would be much more useful is these brands said what kind of collagen their product contained, how it can help a person, and at least make an attempt to show that it works in clinical trials rather than making us take their word for it. Someone who wants joint support might buy the marshmallows as would someone who wants plumper lips- but poor labeling kind of leaves users in a fog when it comes down to what they’re really getting. Buy these products at your own risk.

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