It wasn’t too long ago that Marta was introduced to a beauty tool (Face Trainer) that was supposed to help remove wrinkles through facial exercises. That product was $199 and along with those movements, used micro currents to aid in the process; it also sat on your face like a futuristic ski mask. You know, I’m not sure if anyone aside from the military bought these things, rumor had it they used it in interrogations with terrorists. I’m joking, I hope? This “tool” however, the Facial-Flex, is only $38 but wins my vote for most frightening beauty device I’ve ever seen. You are supposed to stick this odd spring loaded contraption into your mouth and use it as a type of resistance tool. While doing the exercise, individuals look like a mix between a robot and a zombie with a hint of stupid.

The unit comes with resistance bands so you can up the intensity should you find your face getting stronger. By doing two 2 minutes of face-firming exercises in the morning and 2 minutes at night, you could have “facial rejuvenation” in as little as 8 weeks. My god, it’s finally happened, the beauty industry has realized that people will buy anything they sell. .

Personally, I think facial exercises are stupid. There's DVDs, tools like this Facial-Flex, websites, and even a game devoted to helping you flex your face muscles. I completely understand that there’s a loyal following of those who have been doing it for years but I don’t buy it. One of the biggest arguments is that “if you exercise your body, you should exercise your face.” What? Last time I checked the muscles in my face were attached to my skin and completely different from those in my arms and legs. They’re not going to get super buff and fill out any loose skin like muscles can do on an area like the bicep or calf. If that was the case, then people would be drinking protein shakes and downing egg whites like Rocky Balboa to build up all of those facial muscles. But that isn’t quite the case, which is why people use collagen to help with their skin. Also, no amount of exercise can help tighten loose skin. This is the reason why people who lose massive amounts of weight, have loose skin hanging off of their now thing bodies. The second argument would be that it worked for someone, so it must work for everyone? We’re all different; we eat different things, live different lives, and come from different genetics which means that people don’t wrinkle at the same pace. There isn’t a golden age you reach where you’ll start wrinkling so saying that this product has been working for you since you turned 35 probably isn’t a good argument. Who knows, you might have looked younger had you not tried facial exercises.

Now, if you could only exercise half of your face for 20 years and leave the other side alone, you might just be able to prove that facial exercises work. Any volunteers?

According to the Facial-Flex site, studies have been done and support their claims that the Facial-Flex will help users obtain firmer skin with more elasticity. While the results from this test seem inspiring, they talk about results directly after the study which in most cases was after 8 weeks. It’s hard to say what those results would be like down the line, if lines will permanently develop from the excessive movements, and if skin will begin to sag from being stretched too thin. This is a product that literally has to be used for an extended period and in a controlled setting with identical subjects so we can really see the results. That’s impossible though because of all the variables I listed before.

Overall, I would never do facial exercises. While I understand some people will say “don’t knock it til you try it.” I just don’t think it’s worth the risk. My skin isn’t a muscle in need of bulking up; it won’t get toned and defined if I move it in odd ways, so I’ll skip this and stick to a good diet and exercise. Worst case scenario I'll deal with the wrinkles-  because the last thing I want to do is look like this crazy lady in the video. Smooth skin doesn't mean a thing when you look crazy.