olie biologique huile radicale rejuvenating oil

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on April 21, 2014


By Stephanie

I'm in my mid-40s and have a lot of experience using oils on my skin, But I have drifted away from them over the past two years, only because I couldn’t fit any more products into my routine for a while there. The arrival of my test bottle of Olie Biologique Huile Radicale Rejuvenating Oil ($82) was opportune.

I should declare from the outset that I am a big believer in using biological oils on the skin. Most will not cause breakouts, contrary to popular belief, and actually feel very natural and pleasant. I have experimented with everything from rosehip to shea, olive, sesame, coconut and emu oils on my skin, usually blended with some kind of serum, to great effect.

Olie Biologique Huile Radicale is a light oil, contrasting with the likes of emu and shea, which are heavier. It’s based mainly on organic camellia and rosehip, with blackcurrant and evening primrose as the backup crew. It’s lightly fragranced with essential oils of grapefruit, sandalwood, rose geranium and rose bulgarian, which combine to pleasing effect.

My main use of Olie has been to add emollience to serums and light moisturizers. I do this by placing three drops of Olie into the palm of my hand and mixing them together with the other product, then applying the resulting blend to my face. I tried this both with overnight products and during the daytime under makeup. I’m pleased to say that it performed very well, providing light but very effective moisturizing. It absorbed nicely and did not cause any kind of irritation or breakout.

If you have been considering trying botanical oils but have been unsure about it, I think this is a great starter oil to cut your teeth on because it’s very user-friendly. For example, some oils can cause greasiness on the T-zone by the end of the day, but surprisingly, Olie (used lightly) has no such effect on me. I am impressed by how well it wears under makeup in that respect.

It’s perfect, in fact, as the undercoat for mineral powder foundation, as it provides just enough "grab" for the powder to stick to.

All in all, it’s a nice product that I’m glad to have in my kit.