Reviewed by Terri

I was very excited and happy to hear I was going to try and review Olive's Organic Botanicals Facial Replenisher Cleanser and Facial Replenisher Moisturizer Carrot Seed. I am always searching for a cleanser that takes off makeup and leaves my skin clean but not dry. This has been nearly impossible. Most of time I am either left with mascara smudges or a Sahara Desert itchy red face. I know I should use a makeup remover but most days when I come home from work I cannot wait to get the makeup OFF! Especially mascara.

Sooo when the products arrived my initial thoughts were, My they are very small! And, will that ever last for me? The cleanser comes in a 2 0z brown bottle with a dropper. The directions are: Massage a small amount into DRY skin. Let sit for one minute, lather and rinse. I thought, How weird! And how is this going to work? I was very skeptical. But I followed the directions, and man when I rinsed it off, my skin was silky, clean, and not the slightest bit dry. It felt great. Not to mention that I love the earthy smell of the product. I have been using this for a while now and still have a lot left. So a little literally goes a long way.

Now on to the carrot seed moisturizer. It is a solid product in a small brown jar that is to be used with a small scoop. You simply remove a small amount and warm and soften between your fingers. Being the moisturizer vampire that I am, this really seemed odd. But let me tell you, this stuff is wonderful! A little really is all you need. It is safe to be used around the eyes as well. It is not advertised as such but I have used it on my hands and cuticles. And, best of all, there is nothing gross, yucky, or gunky in either product. I love them both.

I really am anxious to try the serum. And sometimes I open the little brown jar to smell that delightful earthy scent. As a side note, my dermatologist has me on Retin-A three times a week, and this cream and cleanser are just what I need right now. Truly wonderful products.