Onomie A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on June 24, 2016

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by Ann R.

I was already a fan of Onomie’s concealer when I was given the opportunity to try the Onomie A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment ($40). The Onomie brand has a limited product line, but they put a great amount of care into what they offer.

The Illuminating Eye Treatment comes in a small pump about the size of a standard mascara. The “Lovelace” shade is for light complexions and “Curie” for dark. I received the “Lovelace” and my initial thought on seeing the pale pink product on my fingertip was that it might not be a good match for my skin tone, since pink tones aren’t really my thing. But I dabbed it on my orbital bone and onto my cheekbone as per the instructions and found that it blended nicely, with a natural-looking blurring and highlighting effect. My worries about the color were for nothing. Since it looked so pretty around my eyes, I dabbed a little on the cupid’s bow of my upper lip and liked how it looked there, too.

I used the Illuminating Eye Treatment in place of concealer on no-makeup days and as a highlighter along with usual makeup and skincare routine for work and special occasions. It performs beautifully either way.

One of Onomie’s main objectives is to ensure that their cosmetics do double duty as skin care, and the Illuminating Eye Treatment is no exception. It’s main active is vitamin C, but it also contains vitamins A and E. The result is a product that will fight free radicals and reduce fine lines if used consistently over time, according to clinical testing.

Having used it for only four weeks and not the recommended eight, it’s a little early to feel like I’m noticing any softening of the lines around my eyes, but the brightening and blurring effect is immediate and well worth the $40 retail price. Since I only need a dab about half the size of a pea, this is a product that will last a long time.

This is my second experience with Onomie products and I’m very impressed with their quality and affordability. It’s a great feeling to put something on my face that makes me look better now and will improve my skin while I’m using it. Self-indulgence and practicality all in one product. What’s not to love?