Ok, eco-freaks, I finally stumbled upon a certified-organic body lotion that's too good to be true: Organic Bath Company Hydrating Lotion Pomegranate Fig ($5.99-$7.99. And, also, at the most random place: Hyatt Regency Trinidad. The spa is a bastion of of all-organic beauty products (even the hotel's guest room provides all-natural products) and while I'm down here for Trinidad's carnival, I couldn't have been more pleased to hydrate my skin after days of celebrating.

Organic Bath Company Hydrating Lotion Pomegranate Fig contains no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, no petroleum, no parabens, no artificial fragrances and color and is hypo-allergenic and cruelty free, so we're going very old-school with this lotion. The company's slogan is "obsessively pure" and after browsing their site, I'll have to agree. They only use organic and natural vegetable oils that provide incredible moisturizing protection, and almost everything good you want locked in your skin. For instance, the organic white tea is chockfull of antioxidants and protects the skin from free radicals. Jojoba oil is not only a great emollient, but it restores natural moisture and also helps prevents wrinkles. There's also some great vitamins like B5, E and C, which help rescue dull skin. Obviously, the best part is that is certified all-organic. So better use it fast as there are no crazy preservatives to keep it on the shelf for years. It's also less than ten bucks for 14 ounces! This is such a bargain, considering it can last you quite some time, and you'll actually be willing to share it with your relatives (something I'm guilty of not doing).

When applied, the pomegranate was fragrant and it applied nicely. It didn't absorb quickly but that's to expect from all-organic lotions as I've come to understand. It's a wonderful feeling knowing you're locking in safe and beneficial ingredients in your skin. The scent also lingers, even when it's quite subtle. I'm a fan, and I'm looking forward to exploring more with Organic Bath Company.



Aqueous infusion of certified organic white tea, certified organic aloe vera, certified organic green tea oil, certified organic evening primrose oil, certified organic jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin, glyceryl stearate (plant derived), stearic acid (vegetable fat), certified organic bees wax, Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), lecithin, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), grapefruit seed extract, pomegranate extract, fig extract, botanical fragrance, glucose oxidase (natural preservative), lactoperoxidase (natural preservative).