organic radiance ultra nourishing anti-aging elixir

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on November 11, 2015


This product has been reformulated as of June 2016.

by Kathleen Arnston-Morgan

I was excited about trying the Organic Radiance Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Elixir ($65/2.2oz in the shop). I am a 66-year-old female with combination skin living in Florida. I enjoy spending time out in our beautiful sunny weather. I have taken pride in taking good care of my skin for years.

When the package arrived, I was surprised to open it up and find a small bottle that was to last me at least a month! But I found that one pump goes a long way. It is very rich and creamy, goes on very easily and is absorbed very quickly. It has a fragrance that reminds me of my old hippy days, musky, with a little sandalwood.

I was really impressed by the formulation. It has all my favorites: vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid (an antioxidant that protects skin cells and helps minimize lines), hyaluronic acid (which helps promote collagen formation), free radical eliminator CoQ10, vitamin-packed sea buckthorn oil, peptides and much more.

After using the elixir twice a day for a couple of weeks, even my yoga instructor remarked on how good my skin was looking (without makeup). I have been very pleased with how soft, yet firm and smooth my skin feels. I like the healthy glow my skin has now. There has definitely been an improvement in the fine lines around my mouth and eyes.

If I had any complaint about the product, it would be that sometimes it is difficult to get the thick, rich cream to pump out of the bottle. The big question is would I buy it in the future? Yes, yes, yes! I love this product.