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Organic Radiance Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Elixir Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Fine Lines, Large Pores, Redness
Organic Radiance Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Elixir
January 22, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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If you can get past the scent, this natural anti-aging serum is highly effective


Smoothes fine lines and calms skin, shrinks pores


Strong smell, yellow color may appear on fair skin

This product has been reformulated as of June 2016.

by Noel W.

At 53 years old, my skin is becoming drier, yet I am still prone to breakouts. I also have large pores, some fine lines and jowls developing, mild rosacea-like redness and a few small sunspots.

Prior to testing Organic Radiance Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Elixir ($65), I checked out the Organic Radiance website and was pleased to discover that, in addition to being loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, plant stem cells, and oils, this elixir is all natural, vegan friendly, and contains only natural preservatives. The list of ingredients is impressive and the benefits are easily found on the TIA site.Key ingredients include a healing organic herbal infusion — aloe, gotu kola, horsetail, geranium and dandelion, vitamin c which is a key antioxidant, as well as rosehip seed oil, which is high in antioxidants and fatty acids. There's also MSM, which brightens and repairs skin.

Some of the product claims include that it will repair damaged areas, build collagen and firm skin, smooth and nourish skin, and diminish wrinkles. Ever the skeptic and having tried so many products that just didn’t deliver, my attitude was to give it a go, yet I didn’t hold out much hope for truly experiencing any difference in my skin.

When I started testing this elixir, I was initially put off by the color and strong, odd scent. The bright yellow color gave a slight tint to my fair skin which was apparent because I was testing only one side of my face; when I once used it on both sides, the color change was then only slightly perceptible as both sides matched. I imagine it would not even be noticeable on anyone with a shade darker skin color. I usually don’t mind fragranced products, but the scent was so strong and not pleasant to me — sort of a not-quite-fruit and spice blend — and although it eventually faded, it was still easily noticeable more than an hour later. I decided to see if the performance would outweigh the unpleasantness. Now I’m glad I didn’t give up on this prematurely.

Initially, I liked that this cream is packaged in a dark plastic bottle with a pump dispenser that makes it easy to control the amount you use and I had no difficulty with dispensing the product…that is until much of the product had been used and the remainder was thick and clung to the insides of the bottle where it couldn’t be pumped out. I had to repackage the remainder into a tiny pot so that I could finish it without wastage. I applied this morning and night to one side of my face and neck after cleansing. Just a little of this cream is all it takes, and it smooths nicely on the skin and seems to melt in.

I was especially concerned that this cream would cause more blemishes, but — yippee — my face is now clearer on the side where I applied this! I find that I can often skip using a moisturizer and not fear the flakes when I apply makeup. My skin is smoother and calmer overall with less redness, smaller pores around my nose area, and the fine wrinkles around my eye and lips seem to be diminishing; however, there is one stubborn deeper crease above my upper lip that is holding strong. I can’t say that I have noticed any firming yet, especially on the jowls/neck area, but I’m curious to see if this will occur with continued use. While testing this cream on only one side of my face/neck certainly made it possible for me to notice the skin changes more readily, I now have to wait for the other side to catch up! I have come to tolerate the strong scent, but it is still very off-putting. However, the payoff in the way my skin has responded to this cream makes it worth it. I am pleasantly surprised that this was not just another dud product, even at this price point.

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