Organic Radiance Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Elixir

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on July 27, 2016


By Jan B.

You know that old Dusty Springfield song, “Wishing and Hoping?” If you were young when it came out, then you are probably about my age (somewhere around sixty) and, like me, this song plays in your head every time you open a new skin care product. Such was the case when Truth In Aging asked me to test the original formula of Organic Radiance Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Elixir last fall.

I was very excited after reading the list of what I knew to be very effective anti-aging ingredients and seeing that it was all vegan and cruelty-free. This formula did not disappoint. In fact, I loved it so much that I continued to purchase and use it every day after the trial.

Recently, TIA informed me that Organic Radiance updated their formula and asked me to test it again. I sure wasn’t looking for anything new, but was anxious to see how my favorite product could be improved so I again agreed. I was a little disappointed to see that the new formula’s ingredient list did not included the coveted vegan “silk” amino acids, but it does contain an amino acid blend. Hmm... I wonder how similar they are.

The updated Organic Radiance Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Elixir ($65 in the shop) retains most of the important anti-aging ingredients, including brightening vitamin C, organic rosehip seed oil, hyaluronic acid and alpha lipoic acid, as well as loads organic botanicals that were found in the original.

Like the original formula, this blend also feels rich and absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky residue. I really did like the scent of the original formula — which was fresh and herbal — but this formulation has practically no smell in comparison.

I applied the elixir immediately after cleansing and before any other serums or moisturizers, because I've learned that vitamin C and hyaluronic acid help boost the efficacy of products applied after them. However, because of all of the potent anti-aging boosters this elixir contains, the need for a slew of other products (other than a good moisturizer) has been greatly reduced.

I find that since using Organic Radiance my skin is smoother, more even-toned and brighter. I’m very pleased with the results! Sure, there may not be a miracle product that completely eliminates wrinkles at my age — no matter how much I wish and hope — but I feel that the appearance of my lines and grooves has lessened and they certainly haven't gotten deeper. My take is that the new version of Organic Radiance Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Elixir continues to support the improvement in my skin that the original formula started.

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