This is one of those posts that will get me tarred with the Christopher Hitchins brush (he had the temerity to not only have a go at God, but the infinitely more sacred Mother Theresa). Nonetheless, I'm going to take a deep breath and then just blurt it out: I don't get Dr Andrew Weil.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not questioning his medical credentials or his sincerity. It is simply that he's not a very good advertisement for his own anti-aging regimen (unless he is 108, rather than the purported 63). I know that cobbler's children tend to be badly shod, but shouldn't doctors' take their own medicine. Not only does he look beyond his years (the Oklahoma bomber's beard doesn't help), but isn't he more than a tad overweight?

All this was brought on by the fact that he has added yet another product to the seemingly endless line of mushroom-based skincare, Plantidote (I keep wanting to call it Plantitude). This one is a lotion (Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion) for calming and hydrating skin. All the products in the line have more or less the same ingredients. The proprietary mushroom mix that is the main anti-inflammatory ingredient and various oils and plant extracts. I am always surprised to see some essential oils that are irritants, including lavender (which may also be responsible for killing skin cells, according to one uncorroborated study) and irritating preservatives.

I've found that Plantidote gets mixed and rather extreme reviews. Some people love it and claim that skin is soothed within minutes of application. Others claim that redness and rosacea is made worse after using the product.