I first mentioned Osmosis Boost ($42) when writing about retinaldehyde. At the time, I hadn’t yet tried it. For the past month I have been using it and in some ways it seems to be effective. However, all my impressions of it are overwhelmed by one aspect, it stains the skin a deep mustard color. The only way to use Boost is to mix it with something else – I used Your Best Face Define ($70 in the TIA shop), as Boost was part of a project to tackle the lines that are forming – seemingly inexorably – around my mouth.

I was curious about Boost for several reasons. It is tantalizingly billed as a deep wrinkle treatment. Secondly, I generally avoid retinal based creams but wanted to see if retinaldehyde, the supposedly gentler sister in the family, would still be effective.

Osmosis warns that Boost is not for very sensitive skins and so I approached it with a little trepidation, building up to daily use over the course of a week. In the month that I have been using it, I have found that I have been able to tolerate it very well. Although, I haven’t noticed any visible exfoliation, I have noticed a slight reduction in fine lines. It isn’t dramatic and I may also be seeing some positive effects from my Pelleve treatment. Still I credit Osmosis Boost with some of it.

I do like that in Boost the retinaldehyde, which I regard as a stripper away, is bolstered by ingredients that are repairers and builders such as copper peptides and epidermal growth factor. I’m not at all sure which of the ingredients is responsible for the deep orange color. In my experience, it stains the skin so noticeably that it really is a limitation and Boost can’t be used alone. When mixed with something that has a white creamy texture, it does, however, blend into the skin.

Still if you are prepared to do a bit of blending and can tolerate a retinaldehyde (and if I can – with my usually sensitive skin – then most people will), then Osmosis Boost is well worth trying out.

Harmonized water, phosphatidylcholine, niacinamide, yellow corn alcohol, 1,3 beta glucan, chlorella vulgaris extract, epidermal growth factor, GHK copper peptides, trans retinal (0.2%), R-lipoic acid, xanthan gum, essential oil blend.