Osmosis Clear 4.0 oz

I’ve been using Osmosis Clear ($16) for about two months, and I can confidently recommend it to those with aging skin that still breaks out. Clear is a clear, fine spray that you spray onto your face (or hand, and then rub onto your skin) before or after applying other treatments. I use it after my serum and moisturizer.

Before using Clear, I suffered from frequent blemishes. My skin is sensitive and dry with T-zone oiliness, so it is hard to manage. The blemishes have improved since I’ve been using Clear though. Clear was also easy to incorporate into my routine – it has no odor, and it truly absorbs into your skin; you’d never know it is there. It is supposed to enhance your other products and reduce surface bacteria, which controls the blemishes. It works. I am not sure about the anti-aging properties since, while my skin does look pretty good and the ingredients are impressive, I use other products that could be credited.

Some skin care experts recommend spraying this on the face prior to adding serums to help Clear penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, but I have not tried that. Finally, I am impressed with the reasonable pricing. I’ve used it day and night for two months, and I’ve only used a fraction of the product! I suspect that one bottle will last at least eight months. Although this is not a product that I would have sought out on my own, it is a great complement (and permanent addition) to my skincare routine.

Ingredients: Harmonized Water Enhanced With Epidermal Growth Factor, Keratinocyte Growth Factor, Antibacterial, Anti-Fungal And Anti-Viral Frequencies