osmosis eye pencil in black

Reviewed by Kath on August 23, 2014


I have somewhat oily skin in the area around my eyes, and most eye makeup ends up in my wrinkles and creases after a few hours of wear. I am in my late 40s, so I guess this is to be expected!

The Osmosis Eye Pencil ($12) has a very crayon-like texture — waxy, creamy and easy to apply. It glides on with no tugging or pushing the pencil into your skin. However, this means once it’s applied, it migrates to the fine lines around the eye area. Touch-ups with a cotton swab are necessary unless you want to have that Alice Cooper look!

This pencil is not for a defined line, but it is good for smudging and layering into a smoky eye look. If you want a pencil that has sharp definition for a cat-eye look, this would not be suitable. One benefit of this product is that because it is so easy to apply, it can carefully be used on the inside lash line for a dramatic look. I even used this product this way with contact lenses with no irritation.

The Osmosis Eye Pencil comes off easily with a little baby oil. Water-based makeup remover will not remove this easily; you will have to rub and pull on the delicate eye area. The product description says it is water resistant, so this is probably why you need some oil-based remover or unscented lotion to get it off.

The Osmosis Eye Pencil can be sharpened using any pencil sharpener. If you are looking for an easy-to-apply, smudgy eye pencil, this is a solid product for the price (around $12). But if you want an eye pencil that will last all day with no touch-ups, or a pencil that gives a sharp and defined look, best to look for other products.