Okay my friends. Here we go as promised. After my success with Osmosis Replenish I decided I really had to try the Osmosis Infusion Peel (a salon treatment). But alas no one in the UK has any of the products at all as its not been heard of. WE are so slow over here!!

But my luck blossomed when my friend in New Jersey who works in a clinic and who has been trained to the Infusion Peel brought one over for me and gave me a treatment. I must say I was excited but apprehensive as my last peel was a modified Jessners and the burning was enough to make me think I was traumatized and needed some counseling, lol.

Anyway, she arrived and showed me the peel - very strange. All I saw was probably about 3 tsp of stuff at the bottom of a capped syringe. Anyway she cleansed my face with their cleanser, it felt really nice to be honest. Then she mixed a few powders together and applied them to my face and let them sit for a few minutes. Apparently Osmosis sells these Powder Actives that you add to your skin care to super charge it. For a pre-peel treatment the Enzyme Blend was used with niacinamide and beta glucan. I felt a really nice and very gentle tingle. I was almost upset when she had to wash it off as I know the benefits of these ingredients and it all seemed to good to be rinsed away. Anyway, I tried to relax. When I looked in the mirror I must say my skin looked really nice and clear and smooth and that was even before the peel was applied.

The next step was kind of strange. The syringe was opened and the Peel was applied to my face. Now, I didn't know what to expect; would it sting or burn, would my face feel like I was on fire? None of these whatsoever. The product massaged gently into my face and then a big squirt of Replenish was applied and massaged into my face as well and then some of this harmonized water was sprayed and all mushed up on my face and massaged for 5 minutes.. I was waiting all the time for it to kick in and for the burning to start but it never did, thank God.

My friend said all done. I was kind of amazed and thought is that it! I didn't feel anything. Then I looked in the mirror.


I was orange. Now I don't mean orange as in badly applied cheap fake tan orange.  I mean bright orange!!!!!!! A deep kind of red orange.

So I was told to leave it on over night or for as many hours as I could. Knowing me and my obsession I thought right overnight it is. So I placed a towel over my pillow and that's how I slept.

The next day I woke up and, yes, I had rolled around in the night and touched my face in my sleep and there were bits of orange all over the place but it washed off easily. Now I had heard of people moaning about this stuff staining your face for days, but it all came away and my face looked normal and not even the slightest hint of orange. It was not red or peely or anything different at all. In fact you would never know I had anything done. So I kept on applying my Replenish and looking at my face for changes. The first day I kept on looking and it was kind of satisfying when to start to see bits of skin dropping off.

Day Two - after the peel my skin started to look a bit different, not sore or red, but different - kind of a bit dry.

Day Three - I started to flake and peel, not loads but just enough to see bright new skin underneath.

Day Four - I was gently peeling all over with no redness at all. I wondered if this stuff could really make a difference and if it was too mild for me, as I was used to a much more aggressive treatment. But I read up on the treatment and the idea was not to have loads of peeling as that causes inflammation, but the peel actually kick starts the lower layers of the dermis and works from deep down and up. OK, I thought, I understand now. But I really didn’t see any major differences.

Day Six - My gosh. My skin. Its plump!! Not red, not itchy or inflamed. The word I think is that it feels squidgy kind of elastic and plump to the touch and my skin color is more even and it looks bloody amazing, I remember the old peels when I had some downtime and my face was sore and sometimes red for weeks. I’ve had TCA peels, retinoic acid peels, phytic peels, all kinds of peels and been left nursing my poor skin for weeks. Some of the peels left me looking like a monster for days and days and my skin was still sensitive for weeks. I guess it’s the retinaldehyde stuff that seems to be one of the hero ingredients,, I’ve been reading and I think it makes sense. I must have been stressing out my skin for ages having all these strong peels in the past. No more I say to myself, well  not for the moment….

I read up some more and it says the Osmosis product contains 26 or something ingredients to help remodel the skin and to firm it and brighten it etc well in my opinion it really does seem to work wonders. I would definitely have it done again and again, if I get the chance.

I have a feeling this could be the way forward for the New Generation of peels. I’ve heard it can be used even on skin with Rosacea, so it must be good stuff.

So that's my experience. I would really say give it a go. Anyone who is scared of the burning and frying of the skin need not worry it does not happen. I’m still quite amazed how this little syringe of product massaged onto my skin addressed all signs of ageing and how easy it was. I did send a picture to Marta of my orange face and will let her use it if you really want a giggle. (Marta adds: how could I resist - see pic at the top of the page).