Reviewed by Danny

Well, Marta asked me if I would try out a product for her and I got rather excited. So I eagerly waited the post man to turn up. There was a knock at the door and I received this parcel. I ripped it open to find a lovely bottle of Osmosis Replenish Antioxidant Repair Serum ($52). I had not even heard of the range so I was quite excited . I read through the ingredients and they all I must say I was impressed. The ingredients really seemed to be so well thought out and each ingredient had a specific skin improving action. I wasn’t sure what harmonized water was so I went on the web site and read up on it. Waters that are in tune with the body, mmmm,, not sure what that means but I thought well lets just use the thing and see what happens.

So I cleansed and whatever and eagerly got my product and took off the cap. Pump action dispenser. So I pressed the pump and the product shot all over the place including my jumper and all over the bathroom. Oh, I thought, so I need to be more careful. It took me a while though to master the technique of getting the stuff out of the tube without it going everywhere. So the pump needs to be changed asap as its really hard to stop the stuff going every where.

Anyway back to the product itself. It smells kind of weird.  It brought to mind a toilet cleaning product but a very natural lemony weird scent. Not really horrid but not really nice either. But to tell you the truth I don’t care even if it smelt really bad as long as it does the trick and as long as it's natural and this definitely does both.

Now my skin is really good normally, but I’ve recently had a three month stint in hospital and had 5 operations in the period including 15 days on a nasty antibiotic called Vancomyacin. So I looked really pale blotchy and my skin had lost it bounce and plumpness.

After the first week of use both morning and night: My gosh!!! My pores disappeared!!! And I look kind of more awake and alive.

The second week: I am really impressed my skin is more luminous and is glowing somewhat incredibly and I seem to have more elasticity in my skin .

Week Three: I am hooked.... really I am..... my skin tone has evened out and a few dark pigmentation areas have lightened - I adore niacinamide!!! And the serum seems to have known that I was not well and tackled all the areas that were a problem. Now rhodiola is an adaptagenic herb that I take orally as it gets to work whereever the body needs it. Wow it's done the same to my face!! I even found it so gentle that I used it around my eyes and I had those really red inflamed corners of my eyes the type you get after you are poorly.... they are no more!!!! And dark circles disappeared. My face is dewy in the morning and I must say I look like I've had a holiday and people have commented on me looking better.

This week I was on a mission and was so impressed with the product I looked and read through the whole product line and read about the range and what is it meant to do. Does anyone want drawers full of old skin care as I am hooked on this range. I need Catalyst and the new Stem Cell Growth factor serum and OK I must be going rather soft in my old age but I need harmonized waters. Anything to beat growing old - even harmonized waters. Did I really admit that? To tell you the truth, yes I did. The product is really great and thank you Marta for giving me the chance to use it.


Harmonized water, phosphatidycholine, yellow corn alcohol, niacinamide, glycerin, superoxide dismutase, L-glutathione, ferulic acid, CoQ10, tetrahydrocurcuminoids, spin trap, R-lipoic acid, rhodeola rosea extract, chlorella vulgaris extract, trans resveratrol, GHK copper peptides, grape seed extract, curcumin, green tea extract, ginkgo biloba, essential oil blend