Ambiguously sci-fi sounding name aside, Osmotics produces acutely effective products that draw upon today's most advanced skin care and hair growth technology. Founded by Steven and Francine Porter in 1993, Osmotics portentously states on its company website their goal to become the world’s premier cosmeceutical company. Given the success and effectiveness of their breakthrough hair growth and cellular lifespan enhancing products, however, it appears they have the walk to back up their talk.

The Good

Osmotics has created a good deal of web buzz, including on TIA, for introducing ingredients like teprenone and carnosine to extend the Hayflick Limit in their Renovage line, and thanks to the work researchers looking to aid hair growth in recovering chemo patients, Osmotics appropriated that technology and launched their FNS line of serums, shampoos, and enhancers featuring 18 different amino acids for growth, and tetrahydrocurcumin, a powerful antioxidant, to wide acclaim. Osmotics claims a minimalist approach to skin care, leaving out unnecessary filler chemicals and ingredients when at all possible.

The Bad

Osmotics products often sacrifice purity for performance. Though, overall, Marta was pleased with the Blue Copper 5 Molecular Repair Treatment results, (it made her hair softer, smoother, and more hydrated) she did experience a small breakout, most likely due to silicones, alcohol, lavender, laureths, or preservatives such as phenoxyethanol included in the product. And despite her recommendation of Anti-Radical Age Defense for broken capillaries, she had to rely on the glowing review of a friend, because the product made her break out.

The Truth

Make no mistake, Osmotics products work. They truly seem to have the customers’ best interest in mind, researching, formulating, and creating products that target some of aging and hair loss’ most daunting problems. The powerful ingredients they incorporate in their products work wonders for many, but are perhaps, to harsh for some. Based on Osmotics’ track record on TIA, however, it’s clear the company is committed to producing high-performance products that combine botanicals, powerful biopharmaceutical formulas, and cutting edge biotechnology in order to fight the anti-aging and hair loss war, and perhaps, become rulers of the cosmeceutical universe as is their crusade.

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