osmotics age prevention sheer facial tint spf 45

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on October 1, 2014


by Trinh

As a mom, I don't have the time for complicated beauty routine. I was really eager to try Osmotics Age Prevention Sheer Facial Tint SPF 45 ($39) because it is a tinted sunscreen, and I was hoping it would simplify my routine by evening out my complexion. The high SPF 45 is also appreciated, it contains 8% zinc oxide, 7.5% octinoxate and 2.75 % octisalate. It comes in three different shades: light, medium, and dark.

I'm in my mid-30s, and I have normal to slightly dry skin that can also be sensitive at time. My skin is light with freckles, redness on the side of my nose and some broken capillaries on my lower cheeks. I prefer natural-looking makeup, so I am looking for something to even out my redness but not necessarily cover everything up. Unfortunately, the coverage is very sheer and was not able to even out my redness, which would have simplified my morning beauty routine. I also received shade medium, which ended up being too dark for my skin tone. Nevertheless, I was still able to use this tinted sunscreen because it is so blend-able and sheer. The highlight for me is it amazing texture. The texture is so lightweight, smooth, blend-able and works great under base makeup. It genuinely feels like you are wearing nothing.

As far as sun protection goes, I brought this with me on a four-day beach trip to test drive. I never lay out in the sun to tan and am mostly hiding under an umbrella. After four days of moderate sun exposure, I did not get any sunburn even though my skin is prone it. However, my freckles did get darker, and I noticed about four new sunspots. There are other sunscreens in my rotation that I feel would have provided me with better protection. Bottom line, I think Osmotics Age Prevention Sheer Facial Tint SPF 45 is great for daily use such as going to work or running errands. I feel it is not strong enough for extreme outdoor activities. I would also recommend this for people with a good complexion or those who do not mind wearing a base makeup over this tinted sunscreen, as the texture is absolutely lovely.