osmotics blue copper 5 prime

Reviewed by Tina on November 21, 2014

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Hormonal signs of aging can be a real bummer as you look in the mirror and see changes in your skin and those unfamiliar altered features. Particularly loss of firmness, meaning saggy skin and lack of youthful sculpted definition. It’s tough to see your new, distorted self staring back in the mirror at you. With reading glasses intact, it’s even more grim. And pores seem to swell, loosening and flattening the skin and dragging it down.

As I’m edging closer to the “double nickels” age, I realize that simple but underwhelming serums, moisturizers and makeup will not do me any favors in regards to seriously restoring my skin and rewinding the years. I need the “big guns for hire” ingredients like copper and epidermal growth factor to take back my youth and leave people wondering exactly what my true age really is.

For several weeks, I have been using the Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime ($135) every morning and evening after I cleanse and/or tone and apply my serums, and let me tell you — the “Cool Blue” rules!! This is a unique product, unlike anything I have ever used. The scent is light and airy with a subtle hint of lavender. The consistency is like a whipped gel and is so cool on the skin. The color is a beautiful and calming icy blue that is hypnotically relaxing and makes me feel like a pampered diva, totally ensconced in a high-end spa treatment. It glides onto the skin and absorbs instantly with no greasy feel whatsoever. After the first application, I noticed a lifting and less hollowness in the areas beneath both sides of my mouth gradating into the chin. That in and of itself is so exciting and makes me look at myself in awe of the newfound and surprising transformation! And … I swear that my jawline has tightened and is elevated from every angle. The texture of my skin feels smooth and silky and is further beautified with using Osmotics Age Prevention Extreme SPF 45 ($45) and Osmotics Inner Light Instant Complexion Enhancer ($30). This triple play of products synergistically works magic. And my thin Irish and Scandinavian skin does actually feel somewhat denser and plumper.

I am very happy so far with the results and am even happier knowing that this is a generous size jar of product (1.7 ounces) that should last a fairly good amount of time. The price is a little higher than what I would usually pay for a high-tech prestige skin care product, but if I can see and feel significant positive changes in my skin, I am willing to invest and splurge without looking back. I am never one to compromise and skimp when it comes to my skin.

I have had several strangers (all male) refer to me as a “young lady” and “Miss” versus the usual “Ma’am” that makes me cringe and feel matronly beyond my midlife (albeit forever beckoning “inner child”) years. One of my female college-age co-workers assumed that I was in my mid-forties, and told me that I wear my Fifty-Plus age well and kept repeating this very complimentary phrase over and over to me (a broken record that I don’t mind being played until the fountain of youth is officially an extinct and dried up fantasy in my own mind) … smile.

I will go on record now and onward into the future stating that not using at least one skincare product with epidermal growth factor(s) in my skincare regime is a path I no longer will choose nor travel. This technology is a must-have luxury that my skin cannot do without and Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime is yet another tried and true TIA anti-aging product that delivers on the promise of great results. This product deserves a 5-star rating and whatever Osmotics comes up with next is “the next best thing” that I definitely want to take for a test drive and again will expect to be profoundly amazed!