osmotics blue copper 5 prime

Reviewed by Marta on October 13, 2014


I think that Osmotics has really hit its stride with the Prime line. Formulated for the 40-something or older who is going through hormonal change due to menopause, Prime tackles the perplexing and often stubborn changes to the skin that come with it. I am already sold on Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime ($135) face serum and was super excited to try the new Blue Copper 5 Prime Eye ($98).

The eyes are often the first area where the skin shows signs of hormonal aging, resulting in dry, crepey, slack skin and under-eye bags. Blue Copper 5 Prime Eye seems to challenge these symptoms head on. I don’t really suffer from eye bags, but I’ve certainly found that my under-eyes are smooth, the skin is firm, my lids are holding up and – huge bonus – I fancy that my eyelashes are darker and thicker.

The latter phenomena may be due to the copper, since we know this grows hair from our own Truth Vitality line. The copper used in Blue Copper 5 Prime Eye is GHK copper peptides (listed as Prezatide Copper Acetate) and copper PCA. Notwithstanding the eyelash bonus, the primary purpose of copper’s inclusion is its ability to boost collagen and elastin.

As with Prime for face, there is acetyl tetrapeptide-2, a peptide that is supposed to firm the skin and compensates for the loss of certain hormones, such as thymopoietin, which slows down cell renewal and curbs the skin’s natural immune functions. Always welcome in a good serum is the peptide combination known as Matrixyl 3000, another collagen booster.

Interesting botanicals include mimosa (albizzia julibrissin), which seems to have exciting possibilities as a free radical scavenger that is more potent than L-ascorbic acid. Hydrolyzed lupine protein is high in amino acids, and according to Osmotics, along with alfalfa seeds, it promotes lymphatic drainage. It is worth noting that alfalfa has also been explored as a milder (non-irritating) alternative to retinol exfoliants. My favorite – since it is new to me and I love encountering new ingredients – is darutoside. This comes from a plant called siegesbeckia and is an anti-inflammatory and skin repairer (although not relevant in this context, it is often touted as a stretch mark repairer).

Despite all this plant power, Osmotics does not formulate for those who want completely natural products; there is some silicone, other synthetics and preservatives such as diazolidinyl urea.