osmotics blue copper 5 prime eye

Reviewed by Gunilla on November 12, 2014


I was very happy when I got the chance to review the Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime Eye ($98) since I had previously tested the Blue Copper 5 Prime Face ($135) and was very impressed with that. In addition, I was even more impressed with the Blue Copper 5 Night Molecular Repair Treatment sample, which was included in the late summer Discover With Marta. As you can guess, my expectations were quite high!

The Blue Copper 5 Prime Eye contains copper (to preserve and promote collagen and elastin for improved firmness, elasticity and tone), tetrapeptides (to increase elasticity/firmness and prevent sagging), as well as mimosa, lupine protein and alfalfa seeds. So, what did I expect from this product and how did it match my expectations?

My main issues with my eye area are two-fold — namely sagging eye lids and under-eye bags. This should be a “bulls-eye” for this product, I thought. Wrinkle-wise, it’s not too bad, given that I turn 60 any day now.

I’ve used it consistently twice daily for the past five or six weeks, and I must say that it has a very nice feel to it when applied, and makeup goes on without a hitch. However, when it comes to results, I am sorely disappointed! I really expected to notice at least some firming/lifting of the eye lids and somewhat reduced under-eye bags, but sadly, I don’t notice any improvement whatsoever.

As I mentioned earlier, I expected truly visible results from this product, given that I have had such excellent experience with two other Blue Copper 5 products, but alas, that was not to be.