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Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime Sleep Tight Mask: Review Roundup

Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime Sleep Tight Mask
Is a Solution for: Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime Sleep Tight Mask
Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines, Sagging Skin, Wrinkles
February 24, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment

This past October, Marta awarded the Truth In Aging Nobel Prize for Medicine to the Osmotics Prime range. This unique range of anti-aging skin care, aimed at women over 40, targets the physical changes that women go through with menopause and addresses the effects of hormonal aging on our skin. Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime has been a runaway hit with the Truth In Aging community, and the Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime Sleep Tight Mask ($85) has now joined the ranks, garnering rave reviews from our testers. This powerful and hydrating overnight treatment contains hyaluronic acid to provide deep hydration and plump fine lines and wrinkles, while a high concentration of copper peptides and acetyl hexapeptide helps tighten the skin and increase collagen and elastin, visibly toning sagging facial contours. Peony oligosaccharides improve the skin's density to restore lost volume, helping to prevent the loss of structure and sagging. Read what our reviewers had to say about this skin-rejuvenating mask.

Marta, Mid 50s

"My dehydrated skin has been getting a wake-up call"

My dehydrated skin has been getting a wake-up call with Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime Sleep Tight Mask, a face mask that you sleep in. As I get older, I feel that I wake up with tiny vertical creases at the sides of my face and an overall loss of plumpness that exacerbates the appearance of fine lines. The Sleep Tight Mask is like putting my skin on a hydrating intravenous drip.

With a strong lavender scent (which I happen to like), the mask is both relaxing and refreshing. Bright blue like the rest of the Osmotics Blue Copper 5 line, it becomes mottled with white-ish patches after a few days (the box says this is to be expected). I apply it in a fairly thick layer somewhere in between the amount I would use for a normal cream and a mask. An hour later, it will still feel tacky, but I haven’t noticed greasy pillowcases.

What I do notice is that the next morning, I have plumper, more hydrated skin, and those fine lines are less visible. I’ve been resisting the temptation to use it every night and find that two or three times a week over the past few weeks is enough to make a difference.

Terri, Late 40s

" face felt velvet smooth."

I will be 50 this year and have the usual signs of aging, particularly around the under-eye area. My skin tends to be a bit dry year round, even in the summer humidity here in the south.

Instructions recommend applying this product at night before bed time using brush or finger tips, one to three times weekly or as needed. I prefer to apply with fingertips instead of the brush. The product is bright blue with a consistency between a cream and a gel. The initial sensation became almost addictive to me: A tingling, cool, refreshing feel. It was both invigorating and relaxing. The tingle was the tightening effect, but it did not have that dry feeling as if your skin were cracking. This was a wonderful feeling. I quickly discovered there is no need to allow time between application and bed as I did the first night because the mask absorbs quickly with nothing visible just a rather tacky feel, but it does not rub off on bedding.

Upon rising, the first morning after use the fine lines around my eyes were definitely less noticeable and my face felt velvet smooth. I used the mask every other night for the first few weeks. Then, I gave in to the urge to use it every night for the remainder of my trial. My most noticeable improvements were an increase in volume to under-eye hollows, a more overall refreshed appearance in the mornings and smoother skin. I definitely recommend this product and plan to purchase another pot.

Jennifer, Late 30s

"This product has been a lifesaver so far this winter"

I'm in my late 30s and have extremely dry skin that just gets worse as the weather gets colder and dryer. I found that no matter how many serums and creams I layer on my face, combined with a humidifier cranked on high, I still woke up with dry, parched, dehydrated skin.

This is truly the ONLY product I have ever tried that feels amazing going on, and stays that way all night. Even the next morning when I wash my face, I can feel a thin layer of film still lingering. I wake up to find my parched winter skin is firmer, plumped and glowing! No other sleep mask I've tried has come close to this. Also important to note, I feel it has helped calm and control my redness that gets exacerbated with the cold, dry air.

This mask works so well and makes my skin feel so good that I find myself reaching for it for other unintended purposes, like a daily night moisturizer or as an intensive eye cream and even for spot treatments on especially crepey areas. I've even tried using it under makeup on a special occasion to get an instant lifted and plumped-up look, and guess what? It worked beautifully!

This product has been a lifesaver so far this winter, and I will be extremely sad to see the bottom of the jar!

Naheed, Late 50s

"My skin feels tighter to the touch"

I started using this mask every other day. After cleansing, I would apply a thin layer and go to sleep in hopes of waking up in the morning with a youthful, tightened face. That was the promise on the box of this mask. But for the first two and half weeks, I really didn’t notice anything. Being in my late 50s, I do have sagging around my jawline and was hoping that this mask would tighten that area. I continued using it.

In my third week, I bought a derma roller and decided to use the mask after my first use. I did a very gentle derma rolling and put on a thin layer of the mask. The next morning, I did feel my face looked a little plump. Now, it could be the result of derma rolling. I use my derma roller once a week and use the mask every other day. I have to say that I do see some tightening of my skin. My skin feels tighter to the touch.

Maybe derma rolling helped in better absorption of the ingredients in the mask. The overall effect is tighter and smoother skin. With continued use of both the mask and the derma roller, I expect my skin to look better.

  • March 3, 2015

    by Marta

    H Naheed, do you like your derma roller? What brand did you buy? Thanks, Marta

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