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Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Skin Rescue Nourishing Oil Review

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Dry Skin, Dull Skin
osmotics cosmeceuticals skin rescue nourishing oil
January 26, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A multi-tasking oil that works equally well to moisturize and nourish face, hands and body


Cleanses well, heals dryness and keeps skin soft



by Jennifer

My sample of the Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Skin Rescue Nourishing Oil ($58 in the shop) arrived just when the frigid Northeast temperatures did. Because I tend to get very dry skin in the winter, it was a perfect time to test this oil. I'm 40 with skin that has been extremely reactive to products this year and that gets very dry in winter. This oil worked fantastically to keep my skin moisturized and nourished plus gave my skin a gorgeous glow.

The formula is a blend of eight oils plus vitamin E. Osmotics features three oils in particular. Organic coconut oil has antioxidants that fight free radicals and is good for healing skin and acne. Red raspberry oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that also protects skin from environmental damage plus has anti-inflammatory properties to help protect and nourish damaged skin. Evening primrose oil is rich in linoleic acids and gamma linolenic acids to increase skin elasticity, soothe redness and irritation, and fight free radical damage. Overall, this Osmotics all-natural oil blend is purported to repair and soothe dry, damaged skin and can be used for face, hands, and body.

The oil is thin and easily absorbed, with a very faint pleasant scent when first applied that immediately dissipates. I tested the oil for six weeks, using it all the ways Osmotics recommends. I had no adverse reactions to this oil.

Facial Oil: When I started using the oil, I did not have signs of dry skin. As the very cold and dry weather set in, I did not develop dry skin with one exception, which is a miracle for me. I can only assume this is the result of the oil. The exception was dry, flaky skin after blowing my nose constantly on one of the coldest days. I applied the oil at night, and by morning the dryness and flakiness was completely gone. I applied the oil once a day, in the mornings after cleansing. I applied it over my serums and under my regular moisturizer and makeup. There were no issues with using it with my other products. The oil made my skin feel extremely soft and moisturized and also gave my face a gorgeous, dewy glow.

Facial Cleanser: I follow a beauty blogger's advice and double cleanse in evenings when I'm wearing makeup and/or SPF. This blogger believes many skin problems are caused by simply not cleansing skin well enough. The first cleanse is to remove SPF and makeup, and the second cleanse is to ensure that all dirt and products have been removed as well as to impart any good-for-you ingredients. She recommends an oil for the first cleanse because oil is an excellent dirt and makeup remover. I had previously used coconut oil for my first cleanse so was excited to try the Nourishing Oil instead. The Nourishing Oil worked wonderfully, and I much prefer it to just coconut oil. I first applied the oil to my eyes to remove my eye makeup, including hard-to-remove waterproof mascara. Then I apply a small bit of it to my eyes again to get the last traces of mascara and massage a thin layer on my whole face. Then I add water and work the oil into a bit of a foam before taking it off with a washcloth. The oil does a great job of dissolving and removing makeup. And, it leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and moisturized, which is perfect because I love the cleanser I use for my second cleanse, but it's not very moisturizing.

Body Oil: This oil felt very luxurious when I applied it to my body. I concentrated it on my knees, feet, and elbows, and it made them feel very soft. I applied a moisturizer over top, and it kept my skin soft all day. However, because it felt so luxurious, I applied it to my body only once a week.

Hand Oil: My hands tend to be very dry and chapped in winter. I applied it twice a day and layered a moisturizer over it. I found that I didn't have to apply a daily cuticle cream like I normally do and also didn't have to constantly moisturize my hands during the day. The oil helped keep my hands soft all day.

For the $58 price, you get a very large bottle with 3 fluid ounces. After using it so much for six weeks, I still have about 1/3 of the bottle left. I think this oil is a fantastic multi-tasker and well worth the price. 

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