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Pacific Shaving Company Nick Stick- reader reviewed

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Face Care for Men
July 17, 2010 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 2 Comments
Posted by David

As a child, I remember my twin sister and I spending countless hours roaming our local grocery store's aisles with my father who insisted that we tag along to "learn the pains of grocery shopping." I can't say that I learned the "pain" - because now I sort of like going - but I can tell you that we met a lot of nice people during our trips there.  One in particular stands out. His name was Harry.

Harry was an older man - looked like Ed Asner, sounded like Santa Claus -  who was probably working the job more for the people than for the money.  We adored Harry because he told great stories and was always willing to convince the baker to give us cookies.  Although now Harry is but a distant memory, I recall one bit of sage advice that he gave me.  "Keep eating your bread crust and your hair will stay curly."  I was at a point in life - maybe five-years-old - where I wasn't really cognizant of my own hair let alone understanding of what curly hair was.  But, for some reason, this pearl of wisdom has stayed with me.

Today, many years later, I sit here typing with a head of curly hair and a five o'clock shadow that grows in even curlier.  I realize now that while Harry's advice was good for the time, he failed to bestow on me the secret to taming the wild follicles on my face.  These follicles put forth hair that grow in what seems like a thousand different directions and ultimately result in bumps and cuts during shaving.  While I have become desensitized to the pain of shaving, I have not grown accustomed to the visible skin irritation that emerges in countless pictures and makes me self-conscious during work meetings, surrounded by adults who seem to have mastered the secret of shaving.  

So, to avoid this shame, I started using Pacific Shaving Company's Nick Stick.  Pacific Shaving Company, whose motto is "Good for the skin. Good for the wallet. Good for the earth," has impressed me with their simple and effective cure to shaving's inevitable nicks and cuts.  They claim that the Nick Stick "can stop bleeding right away.  And with vitamins A & E and aloe, it will help promote healing and soothe skin, too."  

After numerous uses, I can attest that Nick Stick meets all these claims and more.  I have noticed that not only does it stop bleeding quickly, but it also helps heal my skin so that it isn't irritated during subsequent shaves.  The self-sterilizing applicator allows the Nick Stick to work efficiently and its formula leaves behind no traces of residue or chalkiness.  The Nick Stick's size also makes it easy to put in your Dopp kit or leave in your medicine cabinet.  So, while the run-ins with Harry at the grocery store are memories that will forever stay with me, thanks to the Nick Stick, the wounds of shaving are not.

"If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all of the stars and all of the heavens." - Robert Browning
  • July 18, 2010

    by marta

    Funnily enough, my English grandfather used to say the same thing about crusts and curls. Although he also had an alarming variation that they would put hairs on my chest.

  • July 17, 2010

    by Junko

    David, wonderful review and story. I really enjoyed the read. Thank you for sharing your memories of Harry!

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