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PaloVia home laser has me zapped

Reviewed by Marta December 21, 2011 25 Comments

I tried the PaloVia at home laser device for the first time last weekend and was quickly convinced – resolutely so – four days later that it would also be last. I did not like it one bit. Then I re-read Copley’s original review (in which she ultimately recommended the PaloVia) and decided, on the basis of her honest and diligent assessment (that woman has staying power!) to give it, so to speak, another shot.

Gun is the word that comes to mind with the PaloVia. You pull the trigger and, as Copley describes, the zapping is a little startling. It makes a weird toy robot sound and it hurts – like being bitten by a particularly aggressive horse fly. It doesn’t end there. The PaloVia is designed to be used on wrinkles around the eyes – a sensitive area, I would say. After the treatment (PaloVia suggests 6 t0 8 zaps around each eye), my outer eye area looked red and sore, as if I had been smacked in the head. The next day, I was still sore and – and this is unforgivable – my crow’s feet, embedded in angry red patches of dry, scaly skin looked worse than ever. They were fault lines.

You can see, perhaps, why I was thinking that the PaloVia isn’t for me. Nonetheless, a naturally forgiving woman, I was prepared to commend PaloVia for coming up with a device that has impressive safety features. It can be no easy thing to condense a large machine used by doctors to something the size of a large stapler.  (Ha, staple gun more like). And then you have to be sure that it will ultimately give results whilst being safe. If you are wondering if my fault lines were my fault, note that PaloVia has gone to some lengths to prevent user error. The device actually switches itself off after a certain number of applications has been reached within eight hours, so there’s no chance of becoming an at-home laser junky. And it only works if absolutely flush against the skin, so there’s no chance of blinding yourself whilst zapping.

In all in all, I was impressed by the quality of the product, presentation and printed instructions. The attention to detail is notable and this is clearly a manufacturer that has earned its FDA approval.

Laser basically works by traumatizing the skin so that it turns over cells more quickly. The thing that’s wrong with that sentence as far as I am concerned is the word trauma. I’m just not into it. I am a wimp. I pitifully plead for a general anesthetic just to have my teeth cleaned. So I was about to give up on the PaloVia and then read that Copley found that the red, painful drama part is relatively shortlived and her skin began to adjust to the treatment without flaring up – plus she got results. OK, back to the bathroom then.

But I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to zapping. Instead, I got out my LED light and basked in its gentle red glow, which plumped the skin around my eyes so that it looked normal again.

I am sure that PaloVia is an effective product, but its just not for me. If there are more valiant wrinkle warriors who are willing to try and review it, please leave a comment (I have one brand new device as well as my ever so slightly used one).

  • June 15, 2012

    by Laura

    I know, I'm uber tempted with that discount! I have read some mixed reviews and I have super sensitive skin, so I'm a little hesitant. It never hurts to ask though, thanks for replying Marta! I'm amazed how you find time to reply to everyone's questions here :)

  • June 14, 2012

    by Marta

    Sorry Laura, I sent out all the spare ones a few months ago. Its 20% off right now in our shop (only for a few days though) - if you get tempted, use the coupon code PLUNGE

  • June 14, 2012

    by Laura

    Hi Marta! I'm a little bit on the fence about trying the Palo VIa. Do you have any used ones lying around that you would be willing to send out for a review? I know this post is old but I thought I'd give it a try - you never know until you ask!

    My eyes are very crepey with lots of little lines (I thank years of allergies and eye rubbing, not using sunglasses enough, and 20 years of living in Florida) and I am looking for a solution to my problem. I have thought about YBF correct and Palo Via and can't seem to muster up the courage to spend the $$. I'd love a trial if you have any available!!


  • December 23, 2011

    by Joyce

    I would like to try this and compare results to the 6 sessions of lasor that I had done 3 years ago. The zapping was like tiny needles but not terrible. Unfortunately I don't think the results lasted more than a year and not worth the high cost. If this device does the same thing it may well be worth the cost in the long run.. I'm wondering if putting a aloe gel with hydrocortisone cream 1 % on afterwards would help the redness and inflammation?. That is what they used after my facial lasor sessions. Also ice packs for the first 10 minutes. I'd love to try this device and report back on it.

  • December 22, 2011

    by Kelli

    I'm 39 and will try anything...once. I will be glad to give an honest review.

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