Only the hardest heart could resist the whimsically named Peach Moon Water. Especially when it comes from my latest find, the Japanese company Chidoriya, makers of a lovely mattifying face powder called 100% Silk.

Peach Moon Water ($24.99) is a toner and a gratifyingly simple one that is made from just two ingredients – neither of them being peach. The first is alpinia zerumbet, which is also called shell ginger because of the shape of the plant's flowers. The second is grapefruit seed extract.

Shell ginger has long been used as a medicinal source, but scientists are only just beginning to understand how useful it is. Apparently it is very good at raising good cholesterol levels (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol) – so good that researchers in Taiwan actually used the word “amazing”.

More pertinent, for skincare, are the antioxidants that have been found by researchers in the leaves and roots as well as the seeds and flowers.

A company called Noevir claims to have discovered that alpinia zerumbet extract stimulates hyaluronate synthesis of the epidermal keratinocytes and helps maintain skin's moisture.  I haven’t seen this corroborated anywhere else though.

Grapefruit seed extract has bioflavinoids, vitamin C and vitamin E, which make it a good antioxidant.

The anti-bacterial properties of grapefruit seed extract are disputed by some, according to Wikipedia. However, there are studies that seem certain that it is such as this one from a team at the University of Texas. If so, it would make Peach Moon Water a good choice for acne sufferers.

Personally, I’m over the moon with this toner. Peach Moon Water is refreshing, soothing and hydrating.