Pellevé Skin Tightening System

A month has gone by since the second (and final) of my Pellevé treatments. This is the moment of truth, the day of reckoning, the hour of my final verdict. Carissa McCormack at Dr Z. Paul Lorenc, who performed my treatments, told me that about now I should start to give myself a good hard look in the mirror to see if I can see an improvement in my skin. Well, I can unequivocally say that I can.

My skin overall is looking pretty good, but most marked and impressive is that the Pellevé treatments have plumped the area around my mouth and the labial nasal lines are practically non-existent. For the past two weeks, people have been saying that I look “great” (not bad considering I’ve had a dreadful cold for one of them).

Pellevé treatments are almost painless (the device gets pretty hot so you do need a skilled practitioner to keep it moving over your skin) and utilize high frequency radiowaves to achieve “denaturation” of the collagen, which encourages it to produce more. You can read more about Pellevé and how it works in my post on my first treatment.

The effects of Pellevé could last up to 18 months. So the question is, am I pleased enough with the results to have the treatment again when the time comes? Well, at upwards of $750 per session, this is not to be taken lightly. As I mentioned in my previous posts, my treatments were compliments of Ms McCormack. But yes, assuming I can see the effects of making new collagen for a year, then I would do it again with my own cash.

I am truly pleased with the results: markedly firmer, plumper skin. But hear me well. I (in my own subjective assessment) believe I see a pleasing improvement – I do not see a transformation. I wasn’t expecting one, so that’s fine. But if any of you are reading this and considering Pellevé for yourself, you need to understand that the results are not dramatic, as they would be with, say, fillers or Botox. Since I don’t want an invasive treatment and actually prefer a subtle plumping rather than the chipmunk cheeks of a Restylane procedure, Pellevé has turned out better than I hoped.

So yes, in a year or so, I would stump up for a top up treatment and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to have realistic expectations.