Perhaps it is an occupational hazard that goes with Truth In Aging territory, but sometimes I suffer from ingredient fatigue. There is a particularly vertiginous sensation that accompanies squinting for too long at a jar that lists some 60 ingredients. Stan may have had a similar feeling after reviewing M LAB (however good it is, the 70-odd synergistic ingredients are a little exhausting to contemplate) because he sent me a link to and a review of Perfect Organics Shea Butter.

Zen-like in its simplicity, there are a mere four ingredients in the Perfect Organics Shea Butter range. In Mint Chocolate there is certified organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic mint essential oil, and non-GMO vitamin E. These pots of shea butter are easy on the wallet at $12.95. However, with nothing much else to fall back on, you have to be a believer in the key ingredient.

As a matter of fact, shea butter is full of fatty acids, including all five of the principal ones. In its unrefined form, it is also a good source of vitamins A and E. It is a good moisturizer and an anti-inflammatory that sooths itchy, irritated or sunburned skin. On the subject of sunburn, shea is also a natural sunscreen containing UVB absorbing tritopene esters. It gets better: there are 10 phenolics (compounds that are antioxidant) in shea, putting on the same antioxidant level as olive and green tea.