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Perfect Pairs- Products that are better together

Perfect Pairs April 2013
April 3, 2013 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

Horse and carriage, bucket and spade, salt and pepper, Brad and Angelina, Barack and Joe.... The perfect pair consists of individuals that can make it on their own, but make their partners so much better than they would be alone. A reader recently asked me about pairing AQ Serum with E’shee KI and initially I thought that this was overkill and then I thought again and realized that they could be the perfect pair. And then I thought of other things that are just so much better together….

AQ Serum and E’shee KI

There’s possibly some science as well as anecdotal evidence that make these serums a perfect power pair. E’shee KI’s key active is far infrared ceramic powder, or ceramic FIR (cFIR). A Japanese study found that wound healing “was significantly more rapid with than without FIR.” And – this is particularly relevant for me and my E’shee KI serum – findings also revealed “greater collagen regeneration and infiltration of fibroblasts that expressed transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1).” Now AQ’s Serum has a 42% concentration of growth factors, including TGF-β1. I may be putting two and two together and making five since I am no scientist, but I did decide to give the duo a try (well a variation, which is the AQ Eye Serum as it was what I had to hand and KI) on upper lip lines. The results – tightening and smoothing – have been good enough to make this a regular part of my routine. The verdict: better together.

jane iredale Purelash Extender and AQ Lash

jane iredale says that its Purelash Extender & Conditioner ($16.50) not only does your lashes a power of good prepping them for mascara and keeping them strong and supple, but it might even help your lashes grow. One of our reviewers saw less shedding and perhaps a little additional length. I love that my lashes feel more supple and find that it is the perfect primer to AQ Lash ($135 in the shop), an eyelash growth serum that uses growth factors and a peptide. I found that after the initial 4-6 weeks during which I saw lash growth with AQ, I was able to go on to a 3 times a week maintenance regimen with Purelash filling in. Lashes for less, what could be better.

Osmotics Inner Light and La Vie Celeste Crème Foundation

If you like your makeup barely there and natural, or you have lately been finding that your foundation seems to be aging you, this combo may be the answer – at least it is for me. Osmotics Inner Light Instant Complexion Enhancer ($35) is a completely sheer foundation, with no tint at all, in cream form. It leaves the skin looking natural and dewy while smoothing out imperfections. However, my skin needs a little touching up here and there. I am prone to redness on my cheeks and have some hyperpigmentation and that is where La Vie Celeste’s Crème Foundation ($39) comes in, providing just enough cover as needed and Vintage Beige blends well with the Inner Light.

Hair Vitality Complex and Hair Vitality Conditioner

With the help of the Truth In Aging community (125 of you tested the first prototypes), I created with Your Best Face a hair serum that was natural, based on copper peptides, and pleasant to use. Oh, it had to work as well. I use Hair Vitality Complex ($49 in the shop) three or four times a week and it keeps my hairline nicely filled on. I’ve never found a conditioner that I’ve really loved and wanted one with no nasties, ingredients that would actively help my look younger (I wanted an end to coarseness and more volume). After much experimentation Hair Vitality Conditioner ($44 in the shop) was born. Used in tandem for three or months now, they have made my hair is stronger, thicker and even my colorist says, softer. Best of all, there’s far less hair going down the shower drain hole.

Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Firming Age Repair Body Lift and Ultra Renew Sculpt

Cool and blue, Osmotics body cream ($95) with copper peptides really does help firm and smooth those dimply bits. Our reviewer, Nina, testifies to this, so do I. Nina also found that it helped shrink stretch marks and even sent in before and after pictures. Age Repair Body Lift is a very thick, gel-like cream and that makes it very helpful as a water-based product to use with our new Ultra Renew Sculpt ($129). This far infrared, ultrasonic and EMS (electro massage stimulator) device that helps with cellulite, slimming and firming. Since you need a thickish, water-based gel to ensure the conductivity of ultrasonic, what better partner than a topical body product that has the same goals.

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