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Perfect Rx Eye Perfect

Is a Solution for:
Dark Circles, Sagging Skin, Puffy Eyes
November 19, 2012 Reviewed by AgelessJen 0 Comments

Ed note: Per Perfect Rx, the new and improved Eye Perfect ($48) eye cream is an updated formulation to the no longer available Eye Perfect serum. The new eye cream now has the active ingredients resveratrol, matrixyl, haloxyl, DMAE, argireline, phenta-tight (more on this later), alpha lipoic acid, vitimin c, grape seed extract and hyaluronic acid in a cream base containing jojoba seed oil, sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and collagen peptides to keep skin moisturized.

As per Marta’s review of Perfect Rx Beyond CP Lotion, I found some inconsistencies with this product and its claims. (I’d like to pre-empt this review by saying that I don’t enjoy writing these types of reviews; however, this is about the truth in aging.)

Per the company’s website, Eye Perfect is the most potent and moisturizing eye product available in the market place. Despite the bevy of excellent ingredients listed above, after 30 days of twice daily use, I found Eye Perfect to be far from perfect. Somehow, they managed to miss the mark and should consider finding some new cosmetic chemists to reformulate the new formulation because it is far from being the most potent eye product on the market. Eye Perfect claims to correct, repair, moisturize, maintain, tighten and dramatically eliminate dark circles under eyes. I found that it moisturizes – at most.

Per the company’s website, the Face Perfect line incorporates the latest generation of active ingredients in the highest concentration available. I was actually thinking it must be the opposite as the eye cream (supposedly) has well-known effective ingredients but just didn’t deliver on its claims. Speaking of active ingredients, phenta-tight is an ingredient noted twice on the description page. I hadn’t heard of the ingredient and web searches only turned up results with links to the Perfect Rx website nor could I find it on the INCI directory. I was beginning to think the ingredient didn’t exist until I randomly looked at the website’s Ingredients link and found “pepha-tight.” Pepha-tight is composed of microalgae extracts and polysaccharides and is supposed to function as a skin tightener and strengthener.

The website was full of perplexing information; for example the usage instructions: apply a small drop to your finger and gently rub under the eye, crow’s feet and on your eyebrow. I’m befuddled as to what this cream can do for my eyebrow. Further, the Eye Perfect description indicates that squalene is included in the new formulation but it not listed in the active ingredients in the description page let alone in the ingredients. That’s disconcerting.

Further, the company claims that all products in the Face Perfect line are proven by the World Congress of Dermatology to give superior, rapid results. Normally there would be a link to support said claim but I had to do a web search. While I did find that the World Congress of Dermatology does exist (whew!) it is not an organization in and of itself. It’s an event that occurs every four years organized by the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS), a non-governmental organization in official relations with WHO. Per their mission statement, it doesn’t appear that they are an agency which certifies product lines as “proven” in any way. However, I believe if Perfect Rx were more transparent with their claims (and bothered to run a spell-check now and again), it would demonstrate good consumer policy.

For full disclosure, I hadn’t researched Perfect Rx or even viewed the website until after I completed my 30-day test of the product; ergo I had fully expected it to deliver results based on the ingredients alone. Moreover, I had somehow missed Marta’s review of the Beyond CP Lotion; thus, I had no pre-disposed bias against Perfect Rx. Perfect Rx supposedly has a 100% money back guarantee and as I personally found Eye Perfect to be an under-performing product in almost every aspect, the money back guarantee would be well warranted.

Ingredients: Water, Cyclomethicone, Chrysin, Hydroxysuccinimide, Palmitoyl GHK, Palmitoyl GQPR, DMAE, Palmytoyl Pantapeptide-3, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Lactic Acid, Aminomethylpropanol, PEG-16 Macadamia Glycerides, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Phenoxyethanol Update 2016: the product has been reformulated and the latest ingredient list is below.

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