perricone md cold plasma body lotion

Reviewed by Marta on December 21, 2015


I bought, out of curiosity, a bottle of Perricone MD Cold Plasma Body, an anti-aging body lotion that retails for $110 and I have mostly good things to report after more than 8 weeks of use.

I have seen an improvement in my skin, especially my inner arms, which have started to get a tell-tale crepeyness when I bend my elbow. I’m on an all out campaign to fend this off before things get worse and Cold Plasma certainly made a positive contribution.

The lotion is light, even a little runny and I would have preferred something a little thicker. Still, most body lotions are too dense for my taste, so I found the experience of using Perricone mostly pleasant. I will quibble about the pump though, which has a tendency to malfunction — too much, too little, none at all — and I am forced to remove before use. Not what you’d expect from a $110 product. This aside, I would recommend Perricone MD Cold Plasma Body if you are in the market for a serious anti-aging body lotion.

For sure, there’s some marketing gobbledegook behind Perricone’s body lotion. Cold Plasma is supposedly a proprietary delivery system about which there is no hard information, but I take to mean that somehow the ingredients are being delivered efficiently into the skin. And I am guessing that phosphatidylcholine is responsible for this. This is a kind of phospholipid, which is in turn is a lipid. Amongst phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine unique because of its shape. It has a choline 'head' (choline is in cell-signaling molecules) and a chain of fatty acids making up the 'tail'. Phosphatidylcholine is versatile, but one of the things it can do is help other ingredients penetrate more efficiently.

These would include Perricone’s ever-present DMAE, a controversial ingredient that may be an effective anti-ager but some scientists think may damage cells. Despite this controversy, Perricone has stuck by DMAE (as have other brands) and it remains his signature ingredient.

Other ingredients seem to have been chosen to ensure that Cold Plasma Body is an all-rounder. Glycolic acid is a decent skin brightener, carnitine is supposed to break down fat and may take care of cellulite, along with caffeine. Antioxidants include vitamin C and alpha-lipoic acid, astaxanthin (another Perricone stalwart) and extract of rhodiola rosea.

While price point would likely be a consideration, I should point out that a bottle seems to last about 12 weeks and there aren’t too many filler-type ingredients, although to be sure there is one silicone and a couple of low-cost emollients such as gyceryl stearate. But by and large, Cold Plasma is a worthwhile investment in making sure anti-aging doesn’t stop at the neck.