Graying hair can be silvery and stunning or look dull and dirty. The
right products really do make a difference. Truth in Aging looks at products that do just that. Starting with shampoo, Phyto Phytoargent Whitening Shampoo
is very good for anyone with sensitive skin and brittle hair, let alone
someone trying to age gray-cefully. I think the name is a bit of a
mistake because 'whitening' implies that it might have some kind of
bleaching agent. Far from it, this shampoo is mostly botanicals chosen
to be gentle. The active ingredient is guaiazulene, derived from
chamomile oil this is a pigment (I guess that the blue-ish tinge helps
to brighten white hair) and its an anti-oxidant (it is fighting the
free radicals that are aging your hair). My only quibble is that it
uses parabens (pollutants) as preservatives.