I like the idea of popping a pill every morning rather than slathering on yet another layer of sunscreen. However, SunPill from XenaCare might not be such a good idea after all. True, the company is at pains to insist (after receiving a little nudge from the FDA) that it isn't an alternative to sunscreen creams (which begs the question as to what the point of it is exactly). And after looking at the ingredients I certainly wouldn't be brave enough to go au naturel.

SunPill has two anti-oxidants, astraxanthin and a fern extract. There is also green tea, pomegranate. There is nothing wrong with these, except they won't protect you from the sun's rays. As revealed in an amusing little video expose on Remedylife.com, SunPill was tested on 12 people with wildly different results. One subject had virtually no increased protection, whilst another's increased by 140%.