prana pumpkin scrub sensitive

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on March 22, 2014


by Kimberly

I am in my early 50s with skin that always keeps me guessing. I can go from needing blotting papers at the same time that my skin is peeling. I also have issues with certain products. I had to give up on a favorite facial because it would make me break out. It can be very frustrating.

I was hoping Prana Pumpkin Scrub Sensitive ($60) would give me an easy way to slough off those dead skin cells. And that it does! My skin is now so smooth.

The directions say to use it once or twice a week by applying it to a clean, dry face and neck. One should gently exfoliate, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse with tepid water.

I initially started using it twice a week, but ended up with spots that were very dry and flaky. It's possible that this reaction is just due to my skin, not the product. While it was tempting to keep going at a rate of twice a week, I ended up reducing it to once a week, and shortened the time that I would leave it on my skin. This seemed to work better for me.

One additional thought: as is typical for these types of products, the scrub is made up of very tiny granules. While this is good for exfoliating, it makes it very difficult to get them all off your face. Hence, I think it would be a good idea to use this in the shower.