Prana Purifying Day Lotion SPF30

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on May 27, 2016


by Linda B.

I was chosen to test Prana Spacueticals Purifying Day Lotion SPF 30 ($38) about a month ago. Having just run out of my previous daytime moisturizer and contemplating whether to re-purchase it, this arrived. Perfect timing!

Living in Florida, a daily moisturizer which works fine during the winter months is often ineffective for those hot, steamy summers, which seem to arrive earlier and stay longer every year. Luckily, Purifying Day Lotion got to demonstrate its performance under both conditions.

I'm in my 60s and as I have (gracefully) aged, my once oily-all-over face has concentrated its gushiness in just one spot: my super-shiny nose. Any daily moisturizer must provide the moisture my skin requires, as well as mattifying, oil-absorbing ingredients for the aforementioned nose, a high SPF, and some skin-soothing botanicals for my tendency toward sensitivity. Check, check and check.

Purifying Day Lotion has been put to the test under all weather conditions and the ultimate challenge: under makeup, which is where most mattifying day lotions tend to fall short. I put it to the test under liquid foundation, powdered mineral make-up and CC cream. The winner was liquid foundation that included an oil-absorbing component. It held up til the end of the work day, which is better than can be said for other daytime moisturizers making the same claims. I also noted that it didn’t tend to dry-out the non-oily areas like my cheeks and forehead.

The ingredients are particularly impressive, with the first on the list being a micro form of zinc oxide, which I’ve long known tends to fight against oil while giving sun protection (an impressive SPF 30 here). Following zinc is a host of soothing botanicals like grapeseed oil (to fight and prevent break-outs), hyaluronic acid (think moisture binder), and green tea extract. Cutting-edge skincare companies, like Prana, seem to be showing us we can expect effective skincare without all the mad scientist ingredients; just natural elements that do what they say. I like that.

Prana Purifying Day Lotion was put through my toughest paces and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this product to anyone who has very oily skin, lives in a hot and humid climate, needs a daily SPF, likes botanical ingredients, and/or has breakout-prone skin. Will definitely buy this!