I've always regarded nail polish with trepidation. It seems to me that the ingredients amount to hazardous waste and that painted nails will eerily gleam long after the rest of our bodies have decomposed. Death  would have been brought on, incidentally, by burning alive since the components of polish tend to be highly flammable. Such morbid thoughts were put to rest when I found Dazzle Dry, which has none of the scariest ingredients found in most nail polishes: toulene, nitrocellulose, phthalates and formaldehyde.

My newest find to say no to chemicals is Priti (a spa brand inspired to be organic during the founder's prenancy). Priti polish uses soy and corn-based ingredients and is toulene, DBP and formaldehyde-free. Unlike Dazzle, it does contain nitrocellulose (a major component of smokeless gunpowder). There is a whole host of colors and it costs a reasonable $12.50. Priti also does a soy-based polish remover.