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December 3, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments

It’s one thing to like a skin care product, but whether or not you’d spend your hard earned money on it is a true test of love. When Truth in Aging reviewers are asked to review, whether or not they would purchase the product after testing is always something that’s considered. This year, there were hundreds of products reviewed by the TIA community, both good and bad, and we wanted to find out which products earned permanent spots in reviewers’ skin care routines. Community members chimed in and told us what they loved enough to restock their medicine cabinets with.

LiftLab Purify + Clarify Cleanser& Detox Mask ($65 in the shop)

"I loved how well the product works and how economical the price actually is. I also love products that double duty, this one cleans as well as can be a mask." - Kathy Roberts, age 51 (full review)

"My face feels really clean but not stripped and I like the gentle exfoliating aspect to this cleanser." - Sarah W., age 58 (full review)

"This cleanser does a great job at providing a deeper cleanse without stripping my skin. As a result, I have been able to cut my deep cleansing mask and pore strip routine from twice a week to once a week or less. Also, although the full size is pricey for a cleanser, I've had the full size for 4 months now and still have more than half a tube left." - Angela, age 37 (full review)

Labelle Ultrasonic Spatula ($149)

"[This device] was a game changing step in my everyday cleansing routine." - Christian, early 30s (full review)

E'shee Clinical Esthetic Cellular Repairing Night Cream ($289 in the shop)

"This cream is very pleasant to use and made a pretty dramatic difference in my face. After using it, my skin was noticeably lifted, firmer, plumper, and more radiant. The ingredients are pretty cutting-edge, and the results they provide make them definitely worth paying for." - Laura, age 50 (full review)

iS Clinical Youth Serum ($150)

"It actually helped in reducing the depth of wrinkles. It also tightened and reduced the sagging in the cheek and jowl area and produced terrific texture." - Gloria, age 56 (full review)

Your Best Face Uplift Toner Mist ($22 in the shop)

"Although I'm not totally convinced of its anti-aging properties, it just feels so darn refreshing and is great at rehydrating dry skin on an airplane." - Sarah W., age 58 (full review)

SimySkin Hydrating and Nourishing Moisturizer ($45)

"I absolutely love this moisturizer! It is so nourishing and gives my skin a lift and a glow. This is one of the best moisturizers I have ever used." - Hester, age 57 (full review)

Pure Glam Performance Luxury Wash ($26.99)

"I liked how it voluminized my hair and it didn't take much product. The main reason I like it is I have stopped washing my hair everyday and now, I think because of this shampoo, I am washing my hair every two to three days — and it looks great. My hair feels wonderful now. It is highlighted and I've decided to let it grow — 3 new inches so far. This shampoo is three times higher than the most expensive shampoo I ever bought but is worth every penny and lasts a long time — so in essence, it is more economical." - Jeanne, age 59 (full review)

Pure Glam Performance Daily Conditioner ($26.99)

"Like the shampoo, it smells great. It just takes a small amount to do the job. I use the conditioner even with other shampoos. Once again, my hair feels great — soft, silky, great texture — which is unusual for the extreme highlighting process I use." - Jeanne, age 59 (full review)

I Pekar Facial Cleanser ($65 in the shop)

"It is best cleanser that I have ever used. It is effective, yet gentle — I even used it on my eyes. I now also use the I Pekar moisturizer and eye cream. I love these products!" - Melanie, age 40 (full review)

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