The other day I posted a What Is It? on matrixyl and matrixyl 3000. They are both peptides, but based on very different ones. Matrixyl 3000 is based on two peptides and there is some evidence that it might be more powerful as an anti-aging ingredient than the original matrixyl. All the background can be read by clicking here. A number of you have been searching for products that contain matrixyl 3000. Here is a quick summary of the ones that I have found. But reader beware, they are not all that they seem to be.

First is MyChelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream. What I like about this matrixyl 3000 cream is that every ingredient is clearly identified and its purpose described. There is nothing nasty in it and, in fact, its chock full of good anti-aging ingredients.

On the other hand, you could accuse this cream of hedging its bets since it also stuffs in anti-oxidants, moisturizers and retins. It might all prove a bit much. Nevertheless, worth a try and not at all badly priced at $49.

Peter Thomas Roth's Un-wrinkle Night Creme has all the hallmarks of why I don't like his products. They always seem faddish to me, as if they just hopped off the latest bandwagon. Unwrinkle Night Creme has 3% matrixyl 3000 (give him credit for owning up to the amount when few others do). It also has no less than three ingredients that are supposed to freeze the facial muscles. These are superficial and short term at best. One of them is even snake oil. Well, venom. Its called syn-ake and you can read more about it here.

I have a similar issue with Bellaplex. As well as matrixyl 3000, this contains argireline - a acetyl-hexapeptide-3. Like the snake venom, this temporarily freezes the facial muscles. Plus, I have come across a fair number of consumer reviews of Bellaplex that have been disappointed.

Isomers Matrixyl 3000 Rejuvenation Serum is, on the other hand, pretty much unadulterated.

I'm not sure I like the faux pharma packaging of Isomers and, in my experience, products that come with a dropper top are a bit messy to use. Anyway, its well priced at $49 and it doesn't have any other rubbish in it.

I thought I might be on to something with Dermapril-SP. This claims to contain matrixyl 3000. However, the ingredients list mysteriously only refers to plain old matrixyl. Perhaps they forgot to update the website. At best that's sloppy; I'll be giving Dermapril-SP a miss. UPDATE: 6/6/2008 detailed review of Dermapril and comparison to Mychelle. Click here.

My advice is to scrutinize products claiming to be matrixyl 3000 based as carefully as possible before committing to one. Make sure it is matrixyl 3000 and that it doesn't have other stuff in it that you don't want to use or you know to be mostly a waste of time. There is only so much we should be assaulting our pores with.

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